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An unidentified supporter of Democrat Tom Perriello erupts in violent outburst at the sight of Americans for Prosperity “November is Coming” signs. Note the “Perriello” sticker on the rear bumper of the offender’s car.

This shocking footage was taken at Charlottesville’s Lee Park on Friday, October 29, 2010 by videographer Kurt Feigel.

And it’s claimed that the Tea Party is “racist”?

Warning: Video contains graphic language.


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  1. “If this was us, they’d have us in handcuffs.” There is only one way you can know that, and that’s by having been violent and verbally abusive yourself.

    “Here is the Left, once again being shown for who they are.”

    That jerk did have one thing correct: you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  2. Americans for Prosperity hosted this event. They were called racist. That’s funny, because the Virginia Chairman of AFP is Paul Harris: former delegate to the Virginia General Assembly from Albemarle County and…A BLACK MAN!

  3. How do you know he’s a Periello supporter if he is unidentified?
    Sticks and stones
    May break my bones
    But a head stomp
    Is what hurts me.

  4. What does one expect from someone who was using gang behavior. Should we expect someone who hand out parking tickets do somethings, No!
    I see this type of behavior everyday I go to work and we wonder why people don’t want to get involved.

  5. Let me see if I understand this. We should be ashamed of ourselves? Why? When we stage events, big or small, the area is left usually looking better than it did prior to the event,(Respect for property). When we attend events, crowd control is not an issue, as evidenced by Park Police and Law Enforcement Officials comments across the country, (Respect for individuals). It is also noteworthy, that 99.999% of the time, these individuals who hail tolerance, are the ones initiating intolerance and hate speech. Isn’t it equally interesting, that its always the conservative property taking it on the chin? COnservative and Republican signs stolen, set on fire, defaced, etc. I have had my property violated many times. Flags stolen or destroyed, political signs vandalized. Therefore, with such overwhelming evidence as what has been recorded here, no civilized individual can defend such behavior. To do so, well, it is simply infantile ignorant arrogance.

    I for one am fed up with trying to attend peaceful events, and have to suffer through such barbaric, rude, uncivilized and unintelligent verbal diatribes and physical actions. Like it or not, the left IS being shown for exactly who and what they are, and there simply does not exist ANY way or means to excuse nor justify this form of behavior. The apparent lack of self-control of individuals like these are one of the primary reasons that statistics record an increase in concealed carry permits and firearm sales. Also, why is it, that this dude can use racial slurs, and not be arrested for hate speech, when we know full well, if I said the same things, this town would be crawling with Al Sharpton’s. You see, we’re getting fed up with the hypocrissy, and undoubtedly, if todays elections go as prognosticated, this form of behavior will be on the increase. It will be interesting to see if our society and culture possess the will to keep it in check. Judging by the lack of response by the CPD, that answer is no. Rob, I hope you are able to inquire of Chief Longo as to why his officers are so slow to respond. There must be a reason for this lack of action. This officer should have had this so-called citizen subdued in two minutes or less.

  6. Patriot, you sure do love getting worked up and being the self-righteous victim. And fantasizing.

    If you want to fight about who is civil and who isn’t, tell me who threatens and shoots abortionists, and who disrupts military funerals. Tell me who forms militias. Tell me who said, after Perriello’s brother’s gas lines had been cut, “Do you mean I posted his brother’s address on my Facebook? Oh well, collateral damage”? The Southern Poverty Law Center lists 22 hate groups in Virginia alone, only one of which is left-leaning. But never mind. Because that wasn’t what I was talking about. That’s your game, and this video maker’s game, not mine. I’m just pointing out that if you want to play that dumb game, no one will win.

    If, on the other hand, you want to “figure out” what I was talking about, just read the remark in the video I made it clear I was responding to: ““Here is the Left, once again being shown for who they are.” Many time over the years I have defended right wing Christians as most often good and decent people, and here I tell you and tell Rob, who loves to advertise his Christianity but also loves to mock and look for the worst in Perriello and his allies, and apparently thinks that’s Christ-like behavior, that most on the Left are the same.

    Hatred makes people say stupid things, things like “here is the Left, once again being shown for who they are” (or “the Tea Party is full of racists”). In his column in the Post today, Richard Cohen writes of Sarah Palin’s taking a comment out of context and jumping all over it as indicative of CBS bias when the station was merely a CBS affiliate, that “the fierce stupidity of this woman is hard to comprehend.” What a perfectly descriptive phrase. It takes fierce determination, willful stupidity, to say “they don’t have one shred of proof of their accusations against us, yet once again we have proof against them for things that they [we, really?] do on a regular basis.”

    I give Rob credit for pointedly saying yesterday that the behavior of that jerk in the video doesn’t characterize that of most liberals. Then again, Rob let the video be posted. If Perriello had sent such mixed signals, Rob, who shows no mercy toward him, would call him two-faced.

  7. Ken, life is about experience. I have that experience. I am not fantasizing at all. I bear the stripes of my prior experiences with the “tolerant”, and every morning, my body reminds me of the encounter. So unless you have walked in someone elses shoes,you would do well to mind your manners and your tongue! You have an annoying habit of calling people liars when they have proof that stands counter to your rose colored view of those on the left. I can watch this video, and it speaks for itself. I was at the naturalization at Monticello, when President Bush spoke. A sacred service that was so disrupted by the liberal loonies in pink t-shirts. I WITNESSED, first hand, the evil spewing from their mouths and their actions. One woman was actually frothing like a rabid animal. I do not need to be “brainwashed”, I can watch the manical actions of others, and possess the God given analytical ability to think and reason for myself, and exercise the ability to make a judgement and call it like I see it accordingly.

    Ken, in all honesty, if this video had been of a WASP disrupting Barry’s visit to town, would you even think about trying to defend or explain it? Would you, as you state above, defend that person as a right wing Christian who is good and decent. I seriously doubt it. Why is it only O.K. for one side to act like barbarians, but not the other? It is because the basic tennant of one party is that “the ends justify the means.” Oh yeah, thats a communistic tennant. You can quote the Southern Poverty Law Center all you want. It is not an objective party. It is an arm of the liberal left, so how credible is that? What upsets your side so much, is that we are now able to catch these actions, and place it on the net for all to see. And you nor anyone else can spin it away. In this case, these people were quietly attempting to exercise their right to free speech. Why is it I, and others, could walk down that same street, and respect others enough to exercise their right. It never would have remotely occurred to me to touch that sign, nor certainly speak in so crude a fashion. Explain that if you can? How can I walk by and leave you unfettered, yet this guy could not? And judging by the many postings on the net these days, this guy has a lot of company in the lack of self control department.

    As far as defending abortionists, etc, I’ll utilize the same mantra that the left seems willing to buy from those making excuses for Muslim’s these days. So in that regard, “The actions of a militant and misguided few are not demonstrative or representative of the overall, peaceful philosophy of those of us who choose to practice the Judeo-Christain faith. We wholeheartedly denounce the reprehensible actions of those who would promote violence against abortionists or the disruption of such a solemn and sacred event as a funeral.”

    I will agree with you on one issue, it is a dumb game. Unfortunatley, until one side is willing to stop playing it, it forces all of us to be unwilling and reluctant participants.

  8. Ken, in all honesty, if this video had been of a WASP disrupting Barry’s visit to town, would you even think about trying to defend or explain it? Would you, as you state above, defend that person as a right wing Christian who is good and decent.

    Patriot, I only have a moment and have only skimmed your post, but the above illustrates how unable you are to see your opponents for who they are. I called that guy a jerk. In no way did I defend his actions. My point was that people like that, left and right, are not representative of the majority of others on their political side.

  9. An FYI to the video contained herein. According to a spokesman for the CPD, the reason it appears that the officer in the CPD jeep at the end of the street did not respond more aggressively, is due to the fact that they driver was a CO. Apparently a citizen volunteer who is not sworn or authorized to carry a fire arm or cuffs. The driver of the jeep radioed for assistance, and that was the CPD officer on the bike who arfrived a little while later. According to the CPD, they are attempting to ID the individual, and will be pressing charges.

    On another note, which ironically is demonstrative of my previous point, I was verbally assualted as I exited my vehicle in front of Sams Club a short while ago. Ironically, the only message I displayed was to vote what is best for future Americans. So why was it automatically assumed my message was anti Perriello/Obama/Pelosi? And again I must ask, why is it so hard to just walk on by?

    I believe Rob is right. COnservatives believe in the Providence of the Creator. We are able to walk by a pro Perriello yard sign or bumper sticker, because in the end, we know we shall all stand before the Supreme Judge of the Universe, and answer accordingly. Liberals, not believing in anything but the created, man, see the possible loss of power today as a philosophical and spiritual threat. Perhaps that is where all the venom spills forth from.

  10. You’re raving, Patriot.

    Here’s a little something from C-ville Weekly:

    “The Old Ivy Road campaign office of Congressman Tom Perriello was broken into early this morning, says Jessica Barba, communications director for Perriello for Congress.

    Between the hours of 2:30am and 5am, when the office was empty, perpetrators took campaign materials and “there was a Hurt sign that was put up in the front of the office and that was something that obviously wasn’t there when we left,” she tells C-VILLE.

    Barba says whomever entered the ground floor office by bending and breaking a screen door took a packet of door hangers. Additionally, door hangers with incorrect precinct information were distributed throughout the Venable district.”

  11. And of course, the possibility that this was done by Perriello staffers themselves in order to garner last minute negative publicity, is impossible. Find the perps and then place the blame. Until then, it could be anybody. At least thats the way the justice system used to work.

  12. I knew you’d say that. But would you say that if a Hurt office had been broken into and a Perriello sign had been planted and Hurt door hangers had been distributed in a way sure to confuse and cost Hurt votes? No. And why not? Because you think your “experience,” something liberals apparently don’t have in your opinion, teaches you otherwise.

    Come to think of it, in a close election, would Perreillo staffers do something sure to confuse some Perriello supporters and cost their man votes? Never mind. As I’ve been saying, you’re mind is closed.

  13. HUGE CLARIFICATION: The Charlottesville City Police did an excellent job. The audible complaint from one of our own about the officer “not doing anything” was an obvious error: a Traffic Control Officer does not have the authority nor the training to intercede. The mistake was concluding that every uniformed officer has the same training and authority. The Traffic Control Office did however call in a Patrol Officer who came right away in time to accost the second perpetrator. The officer also filed a police report. Two of the the three men involved were identified. We have no interest in pressing charges and I have asked that the investigation be closed. I do NOT WANT anyone to think that the Charlottesville City Police were playing favorites in this incident.

  14. This is nice to read. But the idea that the cop didn’t intervene because he was a Democrat was always fanciful, since most working class white Southerners are Republicans.

  15. By the way, Pariot, I hope you heard Rob’s interview with Peter Wehner in the first hour of today’s show. When he cautioned against conflating conservatism and Christianity, and liberalism and godlessness, he may as well have been speaking right to you.

  16. There are those of us who understand the right way, and the wrong way to conduct one’s self when challenging opposing ideas. The last two posts are not conducive towards building a constructive dialogue, nor developing mutual understanding. If Patriot’s mind is as closed as you say, is it reasonable to think that this attitude of communication will lend itself towards opening it? From what I can tell, your candidate lost, and you are understandably disappointed Taking that disappointment out on one individual, by all observations here, in what seems to be a personal and vindictive attack, weakens any argument that you may have possessed. Patriot is arguing philosophical and idealogical views, and to his point, there never were suspects identified nor charges filed, in the gas line incident. If there were, the media surely made no significant mention of it. I try to consider myself a middle of the road type, and to be honest, if those on the left can not learn to be a little less self righteous, and respond to the will of the people, as it has just been demonstrated, its going to be a long couple of years to 2012.

  17. Scribe, I take your critique very seriously because it’s one I often make of others, so I thank you for it.

    But if I thought you were retired and had nine lives like a cat as well, I would challenge you to read the history of the correspondence between myself and Patriot, and to see who identifies righteousness with particular political views, and who has said repeatedly that he respects both sides for its principles.

    As for the posts you refer to here, I felt little disappointment that Perriello lost, because I expected it for months. At 9:55 on 11/2, I asked Patriot a couple of common sense questions he has not answered. (The fact that no charges have been filed doesn’t bear on who is likely responsible. How could charges be filed if the perpetrators haven’t been found?) Does his non-response indicate to you either a willingness to engage in honest dialogue, or a mind at least open enough to consider it might be wrong on a particular point? Note that several times on this blog I have conceded points and once even apologized.

    Finally, if the Left is self-righteous because it hasn’t changed its views in response to this election, was Patriot self-righteous because he didn’t change his in 2006 or 2008?

  18. I don’t know how others spend their retirement, but I am not exactly sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, watching the world go by. Laughably, even though its the 21st century, this computer is relatively new to the house. Its all about generations. Mine was books, and paper and pencil. Now, its electronic mdia and gadgets. The exchange of ideas though, is one thing that hasn’t changed/ What I see, in the video posted here, and in verbal and written exchanges, not just here, but nationwide, is an inability to have a civilized disagreement. ANd if civilization is going to make it, it must be rediscovered and utilized.

  19. What I see, in the video posted here, and in verbal and written exchanges, not just here, but nationwide, is an inability to have a civilized disagreement.

    And what I see is that I responded in detail to your charges and you just repeated them.

  20. Forgive me. All I know is, I am now 71 years old. I, and my best friend from childhood,once had all the passion that I see you and Patriot displaying. We could not vote until we were 21 years old. Then it was the Kennedy/Nixon election. We got all wrapped up in the ideas and the rhetoric. Unfortunately, it was on opposing sides. When it was all said and done, we wasted a lot of years, and sacraficed the memories of our youth, for a political cause. After is was all said and done, history has passed judgement on both of these men. Now, he and I are in complete agreement in the failure of our generation, to make things better for your generation. Both you and Patriot make excellent points. I dare say, it would not be hard for the two of you to be friends. But only by considering the future, as some of us have to do with the past. If I repeat myself, I ask your foreberance. My world is very small these days, and the friends of my youth are growing fewer each day. No party, no candidate or politician, is ultimately worth the price I see being paid.

  21. Scribe, I take your point and respect the wisdom behind it. Thanks for posting, and I think you’re right, Patriot and I could find common and cordial ground if, say, we knew each other face to face.

    Speaking of the Kennedy-Nixon election, I hope you were able to see “Primary” at the Virginia Film Festival this past weekend. It was a wonderful look back at the 1960 Democratic Wisconsin primary between Hubert Humphrey and JFK.

  22. No, unfortunately, I was unable to attend any of the events at this years festival, but I really don’t need to see a film to remember it all. I appreciate your accepting the reflections of one whose twilight is now gleaming. The vigor of youth makes the passion of party seem so important in the moment, and the battles so momentus one day. In the next, you realize that if one side wins or loses, they just go back and regroup, and do it all over again. Despite who sits where, the sun will rise again. It’s the fathers and mothers who must look into the faces of their children, and, through much adaptability and imagination, make whatever mess that all sides have have contributed to the creation of in D.C., work somehow. None of your generation can afford the stubborness of pride any longer. Sadly, my generation spent most of that. The more Ken’s and Patriots there are, who can channel their intellect and energy into whats best for the future, the better off all of you and yours will be. You say you weren’t too dissappointed in the fact that Perriello lost, you expected it for months reveals much. The other question would be, is Patriot really overjoyed by Hurt’s victory. Reading his posts and various comments, I would be willing to bet that he is not. Now what if the Ken’s and the Patriot’s of the world decided that there needed to be real change in America? What if it was time for a new party? The TEA party is just a begining. What if there was one party that could realistically be a voice for the nation? Wouldn’t that be something?

    I will be out of Charlottesville for a few days. I’ll be interested in seeing what is new here upon my return.

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