Schilling-Show-70s-Logo-150x150Charlottesville, Virginia, home of Thomas Jefferson, and the birthplace of liberty has now become the home of left-wing political intolerance. Following a particularly egregious 2012 election cycle, in which many GOP signs were damaged, stolen, or destroyed, the Charlottesville Democrat vandals have struck again. This time, with a box cutter, eviscerating 4 x 8 campaign signs of Republican, Robert Hurt.

If you can identify the vehicle or the likely perpetrator of this crime—which has been replicated across Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District over the past several weeks—please email The Schilling Show so that the criminal, Democrat sympathizer may be brought to justice.

View the offender and his crime:


  1. More GOP signs stolen, perpetrators caught on tape. Can you help identify the Democrat sympathizer responsible?


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