Albemarle County Supervisor, Dennis Rooker, has refused to meet with a Scottsville woman to discuss her concerns over Chris Dumler’s sexual battery conviction and Rooker’s defense of Dumler’s actions as a “youthful mistake.”

In a series of emails obtained by The Schilling Show through a Freedom of Information Act request, Rooker denies the woman’s request to meet with him, citing impropriety of subject matter.

While Chris Dumler’s admission of sexual battery obviously has been detrimental to his own ability to perform as a Supervisor, now, the Dumler situation appears to be affecting Dennis Rooker’s supervisorial duties, as well.

Read the entire email exchange with Dennis Rooker (woman’s name redacted to protect her identity):

 Female citizen’s initial meeting request:

On 2/5/13 8:26AM, “xxxxxxxxx” <>  wrote:

Mr. Rooker,

I request a chance to speak with you as a County resident. As fair  warning, I am very close to the victim in the Dumler case and am also  one of the three women he sexually manipulated  and hurt over the three week period during which he raped the victim. One of the other women was 19.  She screamed. He recklessly endangered our health by not wearing condoms when asked. He also has a girlfriend.

You are making public comments in defense of a man you know nothing about,  in a case you know nothing about.

I would like insight into why you think it’s appropriate  to defend someone  like this. Such an out-of-control private life cannot be  separated from  one’s public life.

Whatever happened to integrity?

Scottsville District


Dennis Rooker’s response:

On Feb 5, 2013, at 2:08PM, Dennis Rooker <>  wrote:

Ms. xxxxxxx,

Thank you for your email. I do not think it is appropriate  to discuss this  with you.

Dennis Rooker

Dennis S. Rooker
1421 Sachem Place, Suite 3
Charlottesville,  Virginia 22901
Phone (434) 977-7424, Fax 974-7600


Female citizen’s final response to Dennis Rooker:

On 2/5/13 2:41 PM,”xxxxxxxxx” <> wrote:

You already do by making a public statement. You chose to discuss it with the whole county.

If you are not comfortable being confronted with the details of what happened, that is further evidence that you have no business making public comments in defense of Mr. Dumler.

No one should just move on from this. The women whose health and minds were affected by Mr. Dumler’s habitual actions will not be able to do so for some time.

Sorry this is so short. I’m typing on a tiny keypad.


  1. Breaking news: Dennis Rooker denies Scottsville woman's request for meeting regarding Chris Dumler's sexual battery conviction. See exclusive email exchange (warning, graphic content).

  2. Dennis Rooker’s attempt to coverup further damning information about Dumler by shutting down this constituent is just wrong! Rooker had already voted on the Dumler issue when this constituent wanted to come forth with more information. He stonewalled this poor woman. To make matters worse, there is information that I read in this letter that could point to an as-of-yet reported criminal behavior on the part of Mr. Dumler, and it would derelict for Mr. Rooker not to look into it and turn it over to the police. A total COVERUP! This just proves that not only can Dumler not do his job, his legal problems are now interfering with the ability of another board member to do his. Mr. Rooker “can’t” talk about a matter that is already before the board with a constituent? It just shows that our county’s Democratic party needs an entire makeover.

  3. maybe Mr. Rooker needs to take his bowl, hair cut and get off the board also. Clean this house out good, get Dumler out of the public eye and keep him away from children and schools, maybe Dumler can get a good price for braces for Dumb Dumbler and hair cut for dutch boy Rooker…

  4. So, not only is she denied her day in court, but a meeting with Lousy Rooker. Sounds like he's covering up or afraid to atone for his statements face to face. Either way, he's a lousy jerk.

  5. Talking about keeping things "one sided". I'm really not impressed with this man, or his comments and opinions. He is like a little brat and always causes trouble to get his way. Shame shame I know his name!

  6. Rooker refuses to have a private meeting with a constituent of another Supervisor about a private issue that doesn’t concern him, that isn’t the business of the Board? Stop the presses!

    “Sexually manipulated” … “hurt” … whining about not using a condom … waiting for the illegal part. Thanks for releasing this e-mail, Rob. Makes it a little clearer what some of the actual motives behind some of the so-called “victims” are.

  7. Dennis Rooker’s attempt to coverup further damning information about Dumler by shutting down this constituent is just wrong!

    Some of you people are so angry you’re incapable of simple logical reasoning. Rooker, even if he wanted to cover up the information in question or shut down the woman who has it, would have no power to do so. She’s free to share that information to Rooker via email, to the Schilling Show on this blog or on the air, and to anyone else she wants any way she wants. That should be so obvious it doesn’t need saying. It’s a measure of how irrational and driven by blind emotion the Tea Party movement often is that it does need saying.

    I’m not defending Rooker’s unwillingness to listen to this woman. But it’s not true, as Rob claimed, that she can’t speak to either Dumler or Rooker as a constituent on issues under their purview. Dumler’s crimes, and his arrogance or desperation or whatever else it is that keeps him from doing the decent and manly thing – resigning – don’t excuse the rest of us from the responsibility of approaching these issues in a thoughtful fashion rather than throwing out baseless charges and egging each other on.

  8. Yawn a.k.a. Chris Dumler – crawl back under your rock. Nobody is buying your smear-the-victims muck.

  9. This is the last post I am going to do on this subject. 30 yrs or so ago, I provided nursing care to a young woman who was a victim of sexual assult. What happen to her is no different than what is written in email. The actions of individuals who have posted their opinions are no different than they were 30 some yrs ago. Both men were punished under the current laws as today as back than. Was justice back thanserved as today. Depend on which side of fence you are standing on. Ken is correct time to stop egging each other on. It take great courage to do what this woman did. It is easier to stand on sideline instead of meeting with woman. Rooker is doing what allot of individuals do. Pretend it didn’t happen and it will go away. Remember as human being we can rationize what we see, the way we want it. Dumler is going to what he want to do because the law let him. As long as he does what he is suppose to, he will remain on the board. Rookers and other are afraid to look the monster in face, it is easy to just label on Dumler actions. When it come time to be force to deal with the issue at hand, it may have to be at voting booth. Rookers and other supervisors are going to use the rule of law to protect their position at upcoming meeting. there is nothing preventing citizens from standing outside protesting the meeting. Can just sign up to speak but don’t be surpised if they don’t let you speak about Dumler. Quite appalling, oh yeah, sit with the victim, do the interview and go home and can’t get clean enough. We need to face the facts, only a Judge or board have the power to take him down. We need to remember the victims and pray that they can move on with their lives. Dumler is a predator and GOD has a special place in hell for them.

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