Uncut and uncensored video of Jamie Morgan’s remarks at and subsequent ouster from the February 25, 2013 Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Morgan was one about a dozen speakers calling for the resignation of convicted sexual batterer (and sitting supervisor), Democrat Chris Dumler.

Board Chair, Democrat Ann Mallek, called for police to remove Morgan from the meeting after her remarks became “disruptive.”

Click below to watch the video [Warning: graphic language and disturbing content]

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  1. @Jeff Green
    Mr. Green, you sir are way out of line. Many people talked with this young lady immediately after she left the room. The press interviewed her for at least 1/2 hour. She was shown on TV. Three policemen were 15 feet away from her as well as the county Commonwealth Attorney. At least one doctor was present.

    Nobody saw anything but a passionate young lady doing her best to make an important point about a serious issue.

    Why do you just throw out such vile unsubstantiated comments?

  2. Schilling Show exclusive! Unedited and uncensored video of Jamie Morgan's remarks to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors regarding embattled Supervisor Chris Dumler.

  3. Jeff Green, I will alert Ms. Morgan to your libelous statement and I hope she takes legal action. I and many others spoke with her before and after the meeting and can assure you she was intelligent, articulate, and sober.

    Do you often make these baseless attacks on young ladies' characters or are you just upset she spoke out against a sexual batterer's obnoxious behavior?

  4. So as it turns out, Ms. Morgan was not removed for speaking out against Dumler, but for speaking out of turn. Contrary to what one would think from this post and its out of context video, she was in fact being disruptive. The Schilling Show: where the host posts all parts of the truth that make his political enemies look bad.

  5. I spoke at the meeting last evening, and spoke several times with Ms. Morgan in private, and she was very emotionally composed until Mr. Dumler's dismissive eye rolling and smirking. I found Ms. Morgan's protest and speech very old-school. Jeff Green, she was in no way drugged or drunk, but totally impassioned. God bless those with passion and the courage of their convictions, no matter what the cause or political persuasion. If she were my daughter, I would be very proud, f-bombs and all :)

  6. Hurray for Jamie Morgan! She did what the rest of us wanted to do, only we were too sedate in our demeanor. Jamie says what we all feel. She doesn’t know who I am, but believe me, I’ve got her back. So do many others. In cases of violence against women, there is no protest too strong, no tears too ample, and no passion too extreme.

  7. Jamie did the right thing. Yes Jamie got emotional, what was expectation to get up and speak a neutral voice. Dumler knew what he need to do to piss her off and he did it. Guess that is what predator do. They watch the room, they run the odd through their mine on who can get next. It doesn’t matter until the law chances. Sexual assult again any human being is not accept. Social seem to turn their head when this type of crime happen. Dumler it is long over due for you and you few supporter to leave.

  8. You all did a wonderful job last night. We are all equal in this protest and must move forward collectively. We must try not to get distracted my the nasty remarks of others, as they are only trying to derail our efforts. We must remember the survivors and put their autonomy, needs, and rights first and foremost. Keep up the good work and our efforts will prevail.

  9. Just to be clear, I’m not criticizing Jamie. But you would think from what Rob posted and what he said on the show that she was removed for speaking out against Dumler, when in fact she was removed for speaking after her turn to speak was over, having been allowed to speak against him earlier. Honesty matters.

  10. Someone needs to do exactly what Ms. Morgan did at every Board meeting till this rapist is gone.

    Great job Jamie. You have courage.

  11. Ms Morgan is man anarchist. Her words to me were “I want to see this country crash and burn”. Do y’all supportm anarchists when it is only politically expedient? Maybe you want to see this country crash and burn. Perhaps you are anarchists in disguise. It seems to me that you are.

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