Democrats* on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to promote Women’s Equality Day by demanding greater access to abortion—just one of several outrageous and disturbing appeals masquerading as a benign proclamation.

After attempting to pass a publicly advertised short form proclamation for Women’s Equality Day without a vote—and then seeking to stifle discussion of the matter—Board Chair Ann Mallek and political cohort Dennis Rooker instead put to vote the long version of the proclamation, to which the public had no access.

That version was defeated by “no” votes from Supervisors Duane Snow, Petie Craddock, Ken Boyd, and Rodney Thomas.

The short version later was tabled by “yes” votes from the same four supervisors.

Promoted by the extremist, pro-abortion National Organization for Women (NOW), the proclamation had been declared without discussion in previous years. However, a similar NOW-sponsored declaration, in support of the so-called Equal Rights Amendment, was rejected by the Albemarle County board last fall.

In addition to advocating abortion, the long-form Women’s Equality proclamation supported by Mallek and Rooker:

  • Condemns the US Constitution as inadequate in the protection of women against sex discrimination
  • Calls for the removal of “physical stature requirements” (i.e. weight, height, strength, etc.) in employment
  • Decries women’s nurturing role in caregiving
  • And demands sex-based affirmative action hiring in public, private and volunteer sectors of the economy

Ironically, Rooker and Mallek—who cited a lack of sufficient protection for women’s rights—are the same two who for political gain initially turned a deaf ear to the victims of (now-resigned) Democrat Supervisor Chris Dumler. Rooker had previously referred to Dumler’s sexual molestation of multiple victims as a “youthful mistake,” a characterization he has not withdrawn.

Destructive, inflammatory, and anti-American rhetoric as submitted by NOW, has no business in the public business of local government. Kudos to the brave Albemarle Supervisors who resisted procedural and rhetorical tyranny, and shame on Dennis Rooker and Ann Mallek, who embraced it.


[*As determined by political donations to candidates and causes.]
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  1. Condemns the US Constitution as inadequate in the protection of women against sex discrimination

    Sane people know the difference between pointing out a weakness in a document and condemning it.

    Decries women’s nurturing role in caregiving

    That’s a dishonest description too.

  2. Women are effectively turned down for abortions when new state regulations close a clinic, like they did in Fairfax. I’m happy to see the clinic closed, but sorry to see it happen by the subterfuge of unnecessary “safety” standards like having a certain number of parking spaces.

  3. Well, the same rule apply to a business, a church,etc if they want to expand. the the zoning office has a formula that they used, depending on business. Let take a church for example, there is two way, one is based on fix seating and other is based on unfixed seating (where the main room is a multi-purpose room). There is allot of necessary “saftey” standards but that happen over time.

  4. Right. But the “Christian” libertarians on the Schilling Show rant and rave about regulation creep every day. Except when it advances their own agenda. Planned Parenthood is a business. Don’t they insist that businesses should be left alone? Abortion is a medical procedure. Don’t they insist that medical providers be left alone?

    Regulating the size of janitorial closets and the number of parking spaces isn’t about safety; it’s about using bureaucracy to shut down clinics. Libertarians hate government power. Except when it suits them. “Christian” libertarians hate dishonesty. Except when it suits them.

  5. for me, I don’t know anymore. I am finding that most of who done it arguement outdated, and they start repeating theirself after a while.
    I find that I am tuning them out, I stop listening to radio and watch TV. I stop reading the local papers because after awhile it just repeat of same old BS but sung to a different tune. yes there is way to much regulation creep and both sides of fence are just as guilty of making too many regulations. Than throw in all the different little association who need to had thier two-bits and than throw in local,state, ferderal employees who feel they need to made a name for theirselfs. Than another new few or tax etc. It is time to draw a line in sand but I don’t know where anymore.

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