Sheffield-ThumbJaymie L. “Brad” Sheffield, a Democrat candidate for Supervisor in Albemarle County’s Rio District, has a bankruptcy in his past.

Court records indicate that Jaymie L. Sheffield and Christina W. Sheffield filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection on March 5, 2003 while residing in Thomasville, Georgia.

Sheffield’s web site references the event:

In 2002, the financial strain of a bad economy and lack of jobs, the burden of student loans, and a most inopportune loss of income forced me to face the agonizing choice of paying credit card bills or paying for the basic necessities for my family.  It was an extremely difficult decision, but I filed for bankruptcy that year, providing me the time to get back on my feet.

18 creditors are listed on Sheffield’s bankruptcy documents, including:

  • Victoria’s Secret World Financial
  • J Crew
  • Lowe’s Monogram Credit
  • Bannanna Republic [sic]
  • Sallie Mae Servicing
  • Sears
  • Thomasville National Bank
  • and a host of others

Albemarle Democrats—suffering a spate of scandals and unflattering media portrayals of their candidates, party bosses, and elected officials—have been mum on the Sheffield situation. Yet, the Albemarle County Democratic Party was quick to jump on the “hidden” bankruptcy of Republican Supervisor candidate, Jim Norwood, during the previous election cycle.

The Daily Progress chronicled Norwood’s bankruptcy in a lengthy “October Surprise” article on the subject, contrasting Norwood’s claims of fiscal conservatism with his bankruptcy:

Albemarle Board of Supervisors candidate James C. Norwood bills himself as a fiscal conservative with economic development and small business management experience.

Norwood also has personal experience navigating the Great Recession.

The Scottsville District candidate filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection in December 2009.

Charlottesville Tomorrow—which provides in-depth, “non partisan” local election coverage—cites Norwood’s bankruptcy on his CvillePedia page, but fails to mention Sheffield’s bankruptcy in his corresponding CvillePedia entry.

Candidate Sheffield’s platform is riddled with references to fiscal responsibility, keeping tax rates low, and responsible government spending.

In his April 23 campaign announcement, Democrat Sheffield twice emphasized making “smart fiscal decisions” on behalf of Albemarle County residents, and he twice promised “transparency” and “getting everything on the table.”

In recent weeks, Brad Sheffield, twice declined on-air interview requests from The Schilling Show and did not respond to inquiries regarding his bankruptcy.


  1. Albemarle Democrats . . . have been mum on the Sheffield situation.

    Has the Schilling Show discussed the temporary restraining order taken out against E.W. Jackson in 2006 for threatening to kill his daughter’s roommate? What about Ken Cuccinelli’s non-disclosure of $13,000 worth of gifts from Jonnie Williams and his supposedly forgetting to report a $3,000 family vacation and a $1,500 Thanksgiving dinner at Williams’ expense? What about Bob McDonnell’s ethical lapses except for a brief, he-shouldn’t-have-done-it-IF-he-did-it? None of these get blog posts.


  2. How can a bankruptcy which he referenced on his own website be considered “unreported?” Sounds pretty reported to me. And maybe he isn’t appearing on your show because it isn’t worth his time. Contrary to what the host might believe, The Schilling Show isn’t the only media outlet in town.

  3. How can “putting everything on the table” and being “transparent” take six months? Burying a blurb on his web site long after anyone was still looking is not reporting, that’s called disclosure after the fact. The voters in the Rio district will have the final say as to whether it was “worth his time.” Where is David Slutzky? Where is Tom Perriello? Where is Cynthia Neff?

  4. Where is David Slutzky? Where is Tom Perriello? Where is Cynthia Neff?

    Where is the Schilling Show on the bankruptcy of Charlottesville Republican City Council candidate Mike Farruggio? Sheffield at least discloses on his site. Farruggio does not. Funny how the Schilling Show goes after the Democrat but doesn’t mention the Republican. You boast about your “Christian worldview,” but you have double standards.

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