Buy-local-kristin-header-Processed-thumbSources deep within the bowels of the Charlottesville Democrat establishment confirm a developing intra-party rift that could undermine the impending mayor-ship of Kristin Szakos.

Once considered a fait accompli succession, prospects for vice-mayor Szakos ascending to the mayoral seat—now held by Satyendra Huja—look increasingly dim.

Justifiably feared by the local business community, Charlottesville law enforcement, low-income residents, and city taxpayers alike, Mayor Kristin Szakos would threaten the thin veneer of stability that shrouds City Hall, causing unknown and unknowable economic, social, and legal upheavals.

Szakos’ fellow councilors recognize potential disruptions, and thus have begun to organize in opposition to Szakos. While details have not been finalized, it appears that a majority of council will back another term for Mr. Huja, leaving Ms. Szakos—who desperately covets the Mayoral title— a “bridesmaid” once again.

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  1. Please dig a bit and tell us more about what happened behind the scenes if you can. Szakos was all Miss Pouty face leading up to the vote and didn’t vote for Huja which I had to wonder about as I watched.

    Obviously all of that is negotiated well in advance of the meeting so she knew before she sat down she wouldn’t get the position. They do like to pretend to be a big happy family though and Szakos didn’t even play along with that by abstaining. I couldn’t figure out if Smith’s selection as vice-mayor was a further slap to Szakos, which it seems, or if Szakos wanted out if she couldn’t be mayor. As frightening as it is, Szakos can probably manage to keep getting elected and could likely have been Mayor in 2 years if she were patient.

    The best part of the whole election drama was Huja’s triumphant acceptance speech. At least that’s what I imagined it as. I had to imagine since I couldn’t understand a single word of it. We dodged a bullet with the Szakos Snub ™ and then took one square to the head with Huja’s re-election as Mayor.

    It would be awesome indeed if you could post a video of that acceptance speech somewhere on your site Rob.

  2. She shouldn’t have even been a counselor to begin with, let alone ascending to mayor. She’s such an air head, and not as nice as she pretends. Which is a bad combination. There’s nothing worse than a bitchy air head. Also, it was always known from the beginning of Huja’s first mayoral term that he would be a two term mayor….much to the chagrin of various City Hall staff, who’ve had to endure his pompous attitude ever since he ascended the throne. (Talk about somebody who let something go to his head.) Keep them in your thoughts as they face another two years of him! But also be thankful it isn’t Ms. Szakos at the helm. (Talk about somebody who would have made Charlottesville look bad…)


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