First it was a proposal for a series of “free” government-sponsored pizza parties in a diabolically unabashed vote-buying scheme.

That was followed by co-opting Charlottesville city hall for a hyper-partisan, pro-Obama healthcare rally.

Next, she publicly slammed nTelos, a perfectly good company, just for being a “corporation.”

Then it was advocacy of “free” porta-potties for the law-breaking occupiers of Lee Park.

Now, she’s done it again.

Charlottesville City Councilor and Vice Mayor, Kristin Szakos, has blundered once more, this time condemning her most coveted, special-interest constituency: “low-income” residents.

During a March 18, 2013 City Council discussion of the Charlottesville Tree Commission, Democrat Szakos—self-styled defender of the poor and down trodden—said that Charlottesville’s low-income residents “don’t know a tree from a brick.” (see video above)


This Freudian slip of monumental proportion may damage Szakos’ re-election chances as she faces a five-way battle for two open slots in the upcoming Democrat City Council primary.

As a result of her loose lips and borderline-insane policy decisions:

  • Might Kristin Szakos be denied the coveted “Mayor of Charlottesville” crown, that which she previously deferred to Satyendra Huja in a Bollingesque, off-record transaction?
  • Will Kristin Szakos be the odd man out on primary day?

All blunders, corruption and shady deals aside—may the best man win, Kristin—and keep telling us what you really think!


  1. Kristin Szakos thinks "low income" residents "don't know trees from bricks." Really? Caught on tape!

  2. she has her head up her ass any ways she is the personm that wants to take our heritage awy from us all she wants to remove all the statues in cville she needs to loose her job wtf is wrong with this lady

  3. Jan Cubbage wrote:
    I just don’t think this is a very nice person overall!

    What’s nice (and kind) is to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever possible, and not put the worst possible interpretation on a passing remark taken out of context. Rob is positively gleeful when he can find a way to make his political enemies look bad. Who’s nice, and who’s not so nice?

  4. Sacko, or whatever her name is, needs to go, she sickens me. What an idiot, she doesn't know the difference between bricks and trees, neither does Dave Norris.

  5. What a great advertisement this will make for the candidates running against her. Take that to the NAACP candidates forum, as we all know “low-income” is just code.

  6. Roger_O_Vernout wrote:
    as we all know “low-income” is just code.

    How do we know that? I don’t expect an answer, any more than Rob can give grounds for assuming those pizza parties were vote-buying schemes instead of perfectly good ways to encourage busy people to take part in city affairs. There is more than one kind of bigotry.

  7. There’s an old saying in the country that if you give a fool enough rope, they’ll hang themselves. Charlottesville’s liberal city council members, with Ms. Szakos in the lead, evidently were the Beta Testers for this theory.

  8. The insensitive councillor in mouthing off a clueless and offensive rant should be publicly called on the carpet, then made to offer apology toward low income residents and people of color. Szakos would be better off stuffing a sock between her teeth. I know people who voted for her the first time. Woman has now burned her bridges.

  9. Yep, it's true about "the box of rocks". If Charlottesville really has 40% low income, let's see how many will vote for Szakos after this insult.

  10. Guess what, as I sat in class last evening. We were discussing this and couple individuals made comment they would still vote for her. Because she has done allot for the city. Those they couldn’t give me any examples.

  11. Dear Rob, Has anyone asked Councilor Szakos for further
    explanation of her remarks? What if she is correct
    in her political understanding of “low income” residents
    and their preferences?

  12. Gary,

    I think she may be on a junket to Winneba. In any event, if “low income” residents don’t know bricks from trees, we’re in worse trouble than I imagined.

  13. And don’t forget the June 1, 2012 RACIST letter in the Daily Progress. If the NAACP doesn’t care about anti-black racism, or anti-white racism, why would they care about slurs against low-income people? Click on my name for link to the letter and line-by-line analysis.

  14. Click on my name for link to the letter and line-by-line analysis.

    Sowell is correct that the media and the Left ignore or downplay anti-white violence. But your “analysis” of what Szakos said and meant is pure imagination.

  15. She’s a racist co-conspirator with Wes Bellamy, both of whom are trying their best to destroy our Confederate history and heritage. Neither one of them are even from Virginia!!!

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