Bending over backwards to accommodate the law-skirting Occupy Charlottesville movement, last evening City Councilor Kristin Szakos upped the ante on her fellow Democrats with a novel proposal: provide the interlopers with a taxpayer-funded porta-potty!

The discussion took place at the October 17 City Council meeting as elected Democrats stumbled over themselves to extend grace to the petitioning leftists. These sought official absolution for their sin against society—acknowledged and flagrant violation of city code. Szakos gleefully complied by offering recompense to the admitted malefactors:

One other question I had: Is there a porta-potty at Lee Park? Is that something that we would be willing to provide, or to find a source for?

Never mind that Charlottesville’s homeless community gets no such accommodation from city government.

Never mind that taxpayers, not “the City,” would be footing the bill for the cartable crappers.

Never mind that the Occupiers were requesting permission to violate laws that the other 99% of Charlottesville citizens are required to follow.

Fortunately, Szakos’s harebrained idea was tabled, although it was seriously considered.

There should be no reward for transgression, because reward under such conditions undoubtedly will further anarchy. But in a place like Charlottesville City Hall—where the truth has been exchanged for a lie—it appears that no idea is too outrageous for proposal, no idea is too stolid for consideration, and ultimately, perhaps, no idea is too odious for implementation.

See Kristen Szakos make her unbelievable “free” porta-potty proposal:


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  1. We just recieved information from the school on anti Bullying efforts. I believe Counselor Brown needs to read it. Shame shame on him!!

  2. The protestors in Lee Park stand in an honorable tradition of moral protest and civil disobedience, but since their actions are illegal, in that same tradition they should take the consequences of breaking the law. And our elected representatives should let them take those consequences, not try to provide them with porta potties. I’m generally a Szakos fan, but in this case, given her political leanings and her marriage to left-wing organizer Joe Szakos, her proposal is laughable.

    However, there is no comparison between a spontaneous political movement and chronic homelessness, and the homeless can use bathrooms at a day shelter just steps away. They don’t need porta potties either.

    And that “lazy” maybe 15-year old “loafer” on the sofa in the Daily Progress photo who supposedly should be out helping society may have just gotten out of school, and may actually be a 16-year old killing time on the way to a job. Sure, kids need to be physically and intellectually active and not spend all their time on social media. But you know nothing about this person. You’re just fantasizing, making things up in order to demonize a whole group of people you know little about, demonization instead of attempts at understanding and fairness only them followed criticism being 1)
    one of your pet peeves with the Democratic Party in Charlottesville and 2) also standard operating procedure on the Schilling Show. Why don’t you invite a couple of these people on your show?

  3. Ken says, “The protestors in Lee Park stand in an honorable tradition of moral protest and civil disobedience”

    They cannot even articulate why they are out there, other then to parrot statements of Obama inciting people against Wall St., btw his big donors in ’08, or other citizens of big business. There is nothing remotely honorable involved here.

  4. “You’re just fantasizing, making things up in order to demonize a whole group of people you know little about, demonization instead of attempts at understanding and fairness only the[n] followed criticism being….”

    Okay Ken and you know that this IS also for certain because…….

    Uh huh, yes? And…..

    We’re listening

  5. Harrison, have you actually talked to any of the people in Lee Park, and if so, how many? And how do you know they’re parroting other people’s views instead of expressing views they’ve thought long and hard about? You don’t.

    Blue Spade, see above, and also use common sense. Did Rob say he knew any of the people in the park? Did he say he’d talked to any of them? Did he even know the age or gender of the person in the Daily Progress photo he was using an example of what’s wrong with the movement? Does Rob ever say, “I disagree with X but I acknowledge and respect that his view flows from concern about a genuine problem?”

  6. Blue Spade, you challenged me, in a scoffing manner, to tell you how I knew Rob didn’t know what he was talking about. I did just that by pointing out the obvious. So now you pretend that I don’t think Rob should be _permitted_ to have an opinion. And you really think that’s a respectable come back?

    But sure, I’ll bite. Yes, Rob is absolutely permitted to have an opinion. He’s entitled to hold whatever opinion he likes, and to express it publicly, even when he provides no evidence for it. On the other hand, he’s also permitted, if he chooses, to love his enemies by being fair to them.

    And now we have some nut on the show claiming that, because Obama replaced a bust of Churchill with one of Dr. King, he’s antipathetic to Britain, and that’s because of his Kenyan root. Crazier and crazier. Hate makes people say stupid things.

  7. I thought The Haven is supposed to bring the townspeople and the homeless together. Why doesn’t Szakos want the protestors to share the toilette with those less fortunate. Don’t they have many of the same problems? Is there hypocrisy here?

  8. “So now you pretend that I don’t think Rob should be _permitted_ to have an opinion.”

    That’s your spin (okay – opinion) about me “pretend”-ing.

    “Hate makes people say stupid things.” Now was that so hard getting to “don’t be hating” (or the next closest similarity,)by which I’m not disagree-ing.”


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