In an irony almost too rich to fathom, Occupy Charlottesville’s website itself has been occupied by a foreign entity.

The commu-anarchist group, which illegally “camped” at Charlottesville’s Lee Park for 45 days before being evicted by police, is best known for the lawless and violent antics of its members and affiliates during the occupation—as well as favoritism received from Charlottesville City Hall. To wit:

But now, Occupy Charlottesville’s chickens have come home to roost. The group that advocated “sticking it to the rich” and coveting that which rightfully belonged to others has been pwned.

The official web site for Occupy Charlottesville now reads like a Chinese takeout menu, which when translated to English, conveys about as clearly as the original Occupy message (i.e. mumbo jumbo):

Tax accountant Itabashi

The Itabashi that from ancient times was the place element commercial has a few various plant group is strong. I think in there are those who are woven with an image similar to of you I’m sure.

But thing Another change has become prominent in recent Itabashi. That’s a thing called “house of”.

This means that the development of various residential apartments and has continued in the south and in particular, such as the families that come to move this district is I is increasing. So I can be called is an ideal place industrial area and the city is fused well.

Often be a “model case” from the municipalities and special districts other I mean Itabashi this. In Will it can be said with respect to any tax accountant who is active in this Itabashi.

Tax accountant’s Itabashi do you navigate to the location of the other lost the job along with the development of residential areas. No, it seems there is no such a thing. On the other hand this tax accountant in Itabashi ‘s called Mr. I continues to grow steadily.


Be careful what you wish for, Occupy Charlottesville: The medicine you call Marxism is not so sweet when self-consumed. And taking things that don’t belong to you seldom works out well.


  1. Occupy Charlottesville gets a taste of their own medicine. Well, how does it feel to get your property stolen?

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