Joe DraegoIn the best ancient tradition of the watchmen on the watchtower, Paul Revere rode through the darkened colonial countryside warning the people to rise against a foreign tyrant’s invading army.

Our job as watchmen today is far more difficult. The enemies of freedom and liberty no longer stand in battle lines of red-coated soldiers. Instead, they live and work amongst us. Smiling politicians and robot-like bureaucrats cloak their betrayal and treason with patriotic slogans and pledges of allegiance, and enforcement of inhuman policies.

A new corrupt priesthood of judges, lawyers, and their armed enforcers routinely violate the natural laws of God, Judeo-Christian ethic, and the Constitution. We the people thirst for justice but are forced to swallow the bitter draught of intimidation and hopelessness. The smug arrogance of the inhuman criminal elite grows without any check or balance. Our people groan under the boot of oppression, forced to submit to government that is purposefully stealing our American liberties.

Are you aware of the TSA’s routine sexual assault and humiliation of our people, of the NSA’s gross violations against the Constitution and privacy, of the dismantling of our industrial based economy, of the post-911 murder of 5,000 unarmed men, women and children by an aggressive, militarized police force, of the deadly toxins and poisons that are found in our food and water supply, of the wiping out of the middle class, and of the attitude of our government that sees the people as the enemy and lies with the ease of a sparrow taking flight.

On all fronts the evil afoot presses its attack. The enemy isn’t at the gate; it is amongst us, menacingly tearing at the fabric of our society.

From ancient times, always vigilant, the wizened old men of the watch, seeing danger, would sound the alarm. Perhaps they would speak thus.

Southern people, old and new, arise!  Stand up. Speak out. Tell the truth. Be of good courage. Remember your heritage. Protect your families. Live with honor. Be resolute in defense of the good. Stand in the light. Fight back. Practice advanced citizenship. You are not alone. We stand together as free men and free women. We stand for our children’s future. We are not small and powerless.. We the people are the power and authority and all powers and authority come from us. The people created our government; it is our creation. Our rights have been given to us from our Creator.

Southern people, old and new, arise! Drive out the invader. Live again as a free people in Joy, Love, Reverence of God, and the gift of Life given to us all.

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  1. Today your “God-given rights” are to small government and low taxes. Yesterday they were to enslave, segregate, lynch, intimidate, selectively apply poll tests and poll taxes, and kill Civil War and Civil Rights “invaders” who tried to stop you. That’s your “Southern heritage.” Your rights change, but your orneriness, pride, suspicion, resentment and martyr complex stay the same. Ever wonder why people reject your “Judeo-Christian ethic”?

    Love your enemies like Jesus said? Hell, no! Drive them out!

  2. States rights above federal govt rights absolutely. The abomination of slavery, abolutely not. Content of character, justice and freedom for all, yes. The love of control and power over other human beings, mans inhumanity to others, no. The wisdom and discernment to choose those values from the past worth keeping and discarding ignorance and fear that holds our species in bondage, yes. Labels like democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, no thanks. To have the courage to follow the truth wherever it may lead yes. P.S. I never said southern heritage, I said southern people.

  3. Now you’re playing lawyer. You exhorted Southern people to remember their “heritage,” which is the very same language that was used to defend slavery and segregation. I don’t think you guys are really racist. I think you have legitimate concerns. But fifty years ago you would have resisted and resented King like you resent Obama and Holder today. I’ll bet your families did. It took Northerners to show you that slavery was an “abomination,” and a lot of you are still so proud and resentful you pretend the war was about something else.

    You also believe the convenient lie that liberals love “control and power over other human beings.” In fact, state power for liberals is a means, not an end. Liberals don’t want to control people. They want the state to restrain the rich from controlling everyone else. They want the state to provide and guarantee opportunity for the poor and the socially powerless. You may believe that those are the wrong goals, but if you keep wrapping yourselves in the flag and telling yourselves they hate God and hate liberty, they’ll never listen to you.

  4. One more try. First, I moved here 18 years ago from a northern state. Second, in my youth I had two heroes. Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson and Martin Luther King. Lastly, the hunger for truth, justice and peace transcend divisive labels like liberal and conservative. Ironically Ken, I agree with much of what you say. I appreciate your courage in passionately expressing your deepest beliefs. “I prefer dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.” T. Jefferson

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