Charlottesville City Schools have an unacknowledged sex problem.

Last week’s child-pornography-related charges against Venable Elementary School teacher, Corey Schock, have shocked many in the Charlottesville community, but they should not have. His alleged offenses follow a lineage of predator predecessors, all of whose crimes Charlottesville City Schools have attempted to obfuscate or conceal.

Most recently, there was the case of Darrell Eugene Farley—a nearly 10-year bus driver for Charlottesville City Schools—who was convicted of several felony sex charges involving children. The division did not publicly acknowledge the arrest or conviction of Mr. Farley, nor did it solicit concerns of parents whose students for years encountered Farley daily in his official duties. Notably, the Daily Progress acted as an accomplice in the City schools’ cover up by refusing to run the Farley story.

In 2012, The Hook reported inappropriate sexual acts on the grounds of Walker Upper Elementary School by a teacher who was employed there. The teacher resigned from her position following administration discovery of graphic images portraying an in-school dalliance. Questioned by a Hook reporter, Charlottesville City Schools’ then-spokesperson, Cass Cannon, refused to release details of the Walker sexcapades, and the story was not covered by other media.

Then there was the sad case of Jonathan Spivey. In 2007 Spivey went to prison for engaging in sex acts with male students at Charlottesville High School—where he had taught music for decades. Student-reported sexual allegations against Mr. Spivey long predated the 2007 conviction, though. Predictably, the Charlottesville education and law enforcement establishments routinely obviated those charges, and the alleged victims eventually capitulated.

Through all of these events, and likely many undisclosed others, Charlottesville City Schools has not learned its lesson.

Charlottesville Superintendent Dr. Rosa Atkins’ pitifully uncoupled statement on Schock’s arrest leaves much to be desired:

“We are saddened by this turn of events, but our first priority will be on our students, teachers, and community. Each day, we are aware of the tremendous responsibility to care for and teach our students. We take that responsibility very seriously.”

A press release from the City schools perhaps is worse, calling Schock’s arrest “a sensitive story in the life of our community.”

More truthfully, the story is a symptom of sexual sickness woven into the fabric of Charlottesville City Schools. And students are being directly and indirectly damaged by the administration’s lack of affirmative action in dealing with the division’s underlying, anything-goes (until it’s exposed) sex culture. Until the disease is acknowledged it cannot be treated. And until it is treated, it cannot be cured.

Beware, parents of Charlottesville schoolchildren: sexual predators are lurking.

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  1. You see how many people you got giving a damn about the school that is majority black? Too many eyes on the bypass and uva winning a championship. The divison 1 school that hasnt gave any of our jefferson district student athletes a chance to compete on the D-1 level. But this is a public school with all the elders ranging from mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters, hell some grandmothers an grandfathers in the newspaper in the criminal section. All the drug dealers and gangbangers. Sex offenders. I bet if the familys of charlottesville that make up 3 thirds of 4 of the school werent busting there ass at work to pay the rent that is twice higher then it should and could afford to be at home when there kids get home not just walking threw the got damn door then this type of stuff coukd be prevented. Yeah someone out there is gonna say thet all on welfare an assitance lmao. And to you people i say you must not be from the ville, or you must come from money. Cause you must be a damn fool to go out and bust your back for no benefits and minimum wage. Go hungry cause the most you can make in a month to get food assistance you cant work over time or in the case of saving face in charlottesville a 40 hr work week. Yeah thats funny let the people work just enough to where you dont have to pay for them more then you have too. terrorists are right here on our grounds walking around every damn day and they are fun full of life wealthey amercians who arent American at all. So they might be there in the school system but its only cause the city dont give a damn about the schools but care about tye money it got coming in and how they can get less going out.

  2. Oh, for god's sake. It's patently ridiculous to characterize the city school division's culture as an "anything-goes…sex culture." I'm no particular fan of ccs administration or of the way sexual offenses by ccs staff have been handled, but there are sex offenders everywhere and it's gratuitously offensive to tar all city educators with the same brush.

  3. My grandson was in Charlottesville High School. He was too troubled to graduate but I was gob-smacked by what I learned.

    Even though he was designated as a “special needs” student, and the school got money for that designation, I didn’t experience any understanding or acknowledgement of his situation. For example, they had no clue that his mother had died a few months previous to his admission there from the middle school.

    Like most wealthy small cities, C’ville has a two-track “education” system. The kids who are going to college are segregated from the hoi-polloi. They don’t even share the same lunch times. THe whole thing, including a huge bureaucratic administrative structure, is a testament to our divided culture. This deliberate segregation was freely admitted to me by a vice-principal.

    Their treatment of my grandson was adversarial at best. “He could do better if he tried” was the summation of their time-wasting IEP meeting, but they ticked all the boxes and took the govt money.

    His teachers were ignorant of who he was or what challenges he faced, particularly his grief over his mother’s death.

    I wish I could have home-schooled that child. Bu we lived out of their area so all I could do was witness the bureaucratic brutality. If you’re not middle class or better, you don’t count at CHS.


  4. Here’s my opinion of the reactions to sex predators of all types. Everyone separated from the event condemns anyone they deem at least partially responsible as vile and evil. Of course anyone that considers the aftermath a witch hunt is thrown in the burn pile. However let it happen in their organization or group and you will hear a deafening silence followed by the usual self righteous CYA speeches.

    Psychopaths of all types exist in all walks of life. Be careful of your self righteousness or it will bite you in the arse.

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