In holding a well-intended Halloween candy giveaway, Charlottesville Police Department organizers and their Charlottesville City Schools cohorts inadvertently exposed thousands of children to graphic images and words.

The Cville Night Out 2020, hosted at Charlottesville High School on October 31, was supposed to be a family-friendly affair. But somehow obscene images and words painted on the “CHS Graffiti Wall” were overlooked by school and police department officials.

From the event’s drive-through candy distribution line, a slightly masked picture of an erect, ejaculating penis and the painted words “#Big Cock Club” were clearly visible.

Sources inside Charlottesville City Schools said that division leadership was aware of the vile display in advance of the giveaway but simply “laughed-off” expressed concern.

At the event, Charlottesville Police spokesperson Tyler Hawn conveyed the following to NBC29:

“This is our way of showing people that we care about our community and we hear what they expect of us and we’re trying to deliver upon that promise to our community in every way that we can.”

Because nothing says, “we care,” like low-grade pornography on display for the kiddies.

Happy Hallo-weenie!




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