Instead of teaching students how to think, Charlottesville City Schools (as leaders in a pervasive national trend) are teaching students what to think.

Undoubtedly, many parents of children who are subject to Charlottesville government schools delight in the ongoing leftist indoctrination of their offspring.

There also is a silent minority who vehemently object to these teachings, but thus far have refused to speak against or remove their children from the daily proselytization sessions.

And, then there are those who are woefully ignorant of the taxpayer-funded brainwashing routinely taking place in Charlottesville schools.

The February 4 Charlottesville School Board meeting featured a formal presentation on the division’s advancing race and gender affirmation programs (for kindergarteners on-up), which exemplify perfectly the schools’ headlong assault on tomorrow’s adults.

Slide 1: Introduces the subject under the title of Antiracist/Anti-Bias Social Studies Education. There is no apparent critical evaluation of the premise behind the title, but the “Antiracist” agenda is partially premised on Anti-Americanism and Anti-capitalism, as it seeks to undermine foundational American principles and trust in free markets.

Slide 2
: Calls for “every ‘identity’ to be validated.” But, who is doing the validation? And will they really include “every” identity—or just those which are politically favored? Will climate realists, Southern heritage, Constitutionalists, evangelical Christians, Trump supporters, etc. be welcomed or repudiated in Charlottesville City Schools?

Slide 3
: Focuses on political and racial preparation for teachers and the implicit conformity-in-belief sought by school division overlords.

Slide 4
: Takes first-graders down the quixotic path of entitlement-to-fairness in life. Interestingly, the subject encompasses “Vinegar Hill”— the destruction of a black Charlottesville neighborhood by white Charlottesville Democrats. Fourth-graders get a lesson in “cancel culture” wherein they decide “what’s worth remembering.” Perhaps they can decide to forget that Democrats destroyed Vinegar Hill.

Slides 5 and 6
: Attack America’s founders as “protectors” of slavery, and by extension, racists. This deliberate undermining of foundational principles, makes it easy for these students to embrace and ultimately vote for socialism and socialists.

Slide 7
: Continues the Anti-American narrative (“Did the Constitution establish a just government?”), and promotes divisive multi-culturalism at the expense of a common, unifying American culture (“How do culture and identity make a person unique and special?”).

Slide 8
: Introduces the deliberate co-mingling of race and sexual/gender identities and the schools’ intention to “normalize” discussions of such. This approach and these teachings can contradict traditional Biblical Christianity. While many non-minority Christian families have abandoned government schooling in Charlottesville, most minority Christian families do not have the means to self-educate and thus are captive to the inculcation of these contrary concepts.

Slide 9
: Shows how student work in these subjects/concepts will not only be “scored” but also “tracked.”

Slide 10
: Links to a video Q&A with Charlottesville activists (government school students) and Charlottesville Vice Mayor, Sena Magill. Notably, Charlottesville City Schools “coordinator,” [name removed by request], screen-references “her” preferred pronouns.

Slide 11
: Opens the floor to questions. While there are many challenging and thoughtful inquiries that could be made regarding the presentation, it is unlikely that any of substance were posed.


This presentation was a rare public glimpse into the everyday classroom workings of Charlottesville City Schools—and it provides insight into the programming mechanisms being used. Yet it is likely just the tip of the indoctrination iceberg looming at the port bow.

In the absence of true school choice, as go the nation’s schools, so goes the nation. Parents concerned for their children’s future (and for that of America) would be wise to note these pernicious efforts—and to act promptly and accordingly.

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. Hi, my name is Carlos and I’ve been going to CCS for 3 years. I’m gonna destroy every single point in this article.

    Slide 1: How is anti-racism anti-American when black people have been discriminated against for centuries? Also, if anti-racism is anti-American then you admit that America is racist.

    Slide 2: Just don’t be a nazi.

    Slide 3: Why do you think telling kids not to be racist is bad?

    Slide 4: It’s funny to me that you think “cancel culture” is leftism.

    Slide 5 and 6: You’re argument for this slide is so weak. Did you know that people who aren’t racist or socialist exist?

    Slide 7: Do you think that diversity is bad or something?

    Slide 8: Not everyone is a christian buddy. Plus, gender and sexual identity are important.

    Slide 9: You must really hate inclusion and diversity.

    Slide 10: There’s absolutely no problem with this.

    This article is so pitiful. Stop being a snowflake.

  2. Rob, if there is one word that is hackneyed beyond belief and should be purged from the educational lexicon, it is “rigorous.” The leftist educators feel some compunction to include it in every document they create when, in reality, modern education lacks “rigor.” As for the program in CCS, I find it interesting that they decide to tell 1st graders that “life is unfair.” Of course, we all know it is; and we also know that this premise lays the groundwork for CCS to indoctrinate that the “unfairness” is heavily based on one’s race and sexual identity. They will NEVER emphasize one’s opportunity to succeed versus non-equity in actual outcome (i.e., how life actually works).

  3. Steve makes good points, but “indoctrinate” is just a scary word for “teach things I don’t believe in.” How many people here wouldn’t oppose even just teaching this stuff as one point of view? How many would object to teaching only the conservative point of view? How many have even asked themselves these questions? How many think and don’t just react? How many, in other words, have themselves been adequately educated, so they can be capable and responsible citizens?  

  4. No, Ken. Indoctrinate clearly means to teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically. Suggesting that it’s OK to teach POVs before a child has developed any critical reasoning skills beyond acceptance – teacher says, therefore it’s true – teacher says Orange Man is bad, therefore… get the picture here? You ever volunteer in our schools, or had a child (or children) educated in them? Did you skip over K-12 level development yourself (hard to imagine)? Maybe things have changed for the positive the past few years, but last I observed, differing POVs were definitely not taught, even at the HS level – certainly not in our Public Schools. And, again, the notion that there are many valid POVs regarding core principles and traditional values isn’t even worthy of an intellectually honest debate. Has nothing to do with Liberal or Conservative. Has to do with Common Sense. I’m sure you have it, buried somewhere beneath your hubris that you’re sitting on. Regardless, IF indoctrination – which is highlighted here – has become the generally accepted purpose of government education, and IF parents aren’t given appropriate opportunities of choice w/o economic disadvantage, then I strongly suggest that we Defund Public Education entirely. We’ve reached a failed state. And our Children are too important to sacrifice to an institution that already demonstrates a lack of respect for life itself. If some people choose to opt their children into these indoctrination camps, I will object to funding their choice if others are denied theirs. Equality.


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