In their coordinated and ongoing effort to destroy America student-by-student, Albemarle County Government Schools have reached a new low.

Inside sources reveal that all Albemarle County teachers are now required to model Constitution-based lesson plans on a new framework entitled: Does the Constitution Promote Equity 

In their study of the United States Constitution, Albemarle County students will be taught that “racism” is a “structural problem” in the America. In addition, they must be able to define “individual racism,” “systemic racism,” and “structural racism.”

Albemarle County Government School teachers must also imbue students with the spurious notion that “the Constitution was written with ideas of inequity and racism at its founding.”

And of course, when studying the US Constitution, all students must be able to articulate the schools’ Anti-Racism Policy.

With government-sponsored inculcation like this, it’s no wonder that the overwhelming majority of Albemarle County Government School students grow-up hating America (and graduate voting Democrat).

Read the framework:

Does the Constitution Promote Equity

Essential questions: Can the Constitution promote equity today?

Students will understand that:

  • Racism is a structural problem
  • Racism is more than bigotry
  • That the Constitution was written with ideas of inequity and racism at its founding
  • The Constitution is meant to be a document that can be changed
  • The Constitution grows as the nation grows

Students will know:

  • The definition of individual racism, systemic racism, and structural racism
  • The Constitution can be amended
  • The branches of government get their power and their checks on power through the Constitution
  • The Constitution is the document that creates the government
  • The power of the government is given by the people of the nation

Students will be able to:

  • Make a claim and support it with evidence
  • Read sections of the Constitution and understand what they mean
  • Express their ideas in a clear manner
  • Articulate the ACPS Anti-racism policy


  1. “Inculcation” just means teaching by repetition, which is what schools should do and have always done. I don’t see an argument being made in this post. What is wrong with the concepts of systemic and structural racism? I could make arguments both for and against emphasizing them. I’ve never seen the slightest evidence you could even explain, as opposed to merely assert, why they’re bad.

  2. They are projecting that our constitution is based on those concepts. I seriously doubt there is room for debate opposing those concepts. Repetitively teaching social concepts is indoctrination. Free thinking students should develop their social views on their own without being steered to a specific one by our education system.

  3. C’mon Al, you know better than that. First of all, adults as well as kids learn from what they hear repeated to them over and over. It doesn’t matter that they’re adults; their biases still get reinforced and reinforced until they stop questioning them, if in fact they ever did. That’s why if you want to be “free thinking,” you need to get your news and opinion from both sides, and you need to read history, and not just American history from one ideological perspective. How many listeners to the show do you think actually do this? By your definition, the Schilling Show is indoctrination. In fact, if people want to, they can evaluate what they hear. But how many listeners do you think do that? How often do the regular callers disagree with the host? You guys willing let yourselves be “indoctrinated.”

    Secondly, do you want to debate whether racism is structural as well as individual? You start. Tell me how it is that a society composed for generations of individuals who were flat our racist doesn’t become a society in which the victims of that racism lack access to good jobs, education to get good jobs, the connections through which many good jobs are acquired, the accumulated wealth which good jobs make possible, including the inherited wealth that comes from accumulating money generation after generation, etc. etc. All these things are necessary to ensure equal opportunity.

    You don’t have to buy the ideologically determined canard that everything should be viewed through the prism of race and racial injustice to recognize that these things have long-lasting effects and aren’t magically remedied and people are instantly free of racism’s effects just because you and I and our friends don’t treat black people poorly.

  4. The “School Division’s ​equity mission to ​end the predictive value of race and ensure each individual student’s and staff’s success” could well include a mission to bolster the family values that promote equity and success. Mom and Dad matters

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