Albemarle County’s Jack Jouett (“Journey”) Middle School has a serious etiquette problem in displaying the American Flag.

For several days running, Old Glory has been flown disrespectfully, if at all:

  • February 27: Virginia State Flag flown; US Flag missing in action
  • March 8: US Flag flown only tethered at the top
  • March 9: US Flag flown only tethered at the bottom and entangled with Virginia State Flag

In a school division where America’s foundational documents are considered “racist,” such obvious contempt is not surprising; however, it does reflect poorly on Principal, Ashby Johnson, who should be monitoring the public expression of her facility.


  1. The constitution did have three slave clauses so arguably racist. But the declaration has the sublime “created equal” which eventually abolished slavery.

  2. And the principal just had the old flag replaced with a new one, so I don’t think she is intentionally trying to disrespect the flag.

  3. Someone needs to say something to the Lead Custodian there. He is the one that usually hangs the flag. Someone dropped the ball there.🤬

  4. I really do believe there was no intention of disrespect. There could be many contributing factors to cause these mishaps. Now brought to their attention I believe this will be rectified and properly monitored.

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