Jim “Lefty” Spencer, the extreme leftist editorial page editor of the flailing Charlottesville Daily Progress, appears to have left the building.

After weeks of editorial absence, Spencer’s name (along with that of publisher, Eric Mayberry) has been removed from the Editorial Page masthead.

Spencer’s January 2022 hire was lauded in a special “welcome” article by Daily Progress editor, Lynne Anderson. Among the glowing tributes to Spencer’s purported skill set was the peculiarly ironic peddling of Spencer as a “fair and balanced” voice:

From interviewing him and talking to his references, as well as reading some of his work, I know he will be balanced, fair and always truthful.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. 

In his brief tenure, Spencer proved a reliable attack-dog for Democrat party interests and a promoter of debased social issues; he spent the vast majority of his tenure viciously assailing Republicans and vilifying conservative principles.

While the Daily Progress remains an almost-daily print publication, such dismissals do not bode well for the future of the paper.

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  1. They should rename the paper “The Daily Progress-ive”. If rather then being a neutral perveyor of the news and insist on taking sides don’t be surprised that those who you demonize no longer want to be your customer. I’m reminded of the old saying…”Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”.

  2. The paper will reflect the community in which it operates; it is already on life support and can hardly risk alienating its now-meager readership who lives in the leftist echo chamber.

  3. I cancelled our subscription a few months ago after 25 years of buying it, because of the blatant leftist-communist bias with everything in the paper, especially the political cartoons. The people responsible for the content, including the people responsible for the selections in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ section, have destroyed the balance that was once evident in this paper. Now it’s nothing but an extreme left-wing rag.

  4. cville weekly and charlottesville tomorrow are also garbage. Between those and the TV media that refuse to even acknowledge the insane levels of crime in the last 2-3 years, unless you really keep your ear to the ground you have no idea how bad things really are. C-ville weekly used to be about events, arts and some local politics. Now it’s just the same old “white people terrible” story after story.

    I wish your podcast would focus on more local stories rather than national (I enjoy those as well), because you’re the only person who seems to talk about these things. Hawes Spencer seems to be a bit of an improvement at the DP, which of course have brought out the twitter attacks on him.


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