Daily Progress “mis-races” white pastor as “Black”

The Charlottesville Daily Progress has publicly identified a local white pastor as “Black,” in a blatant case of “misracing.”

In a recent story on a racial “reparations” discussion panel, Gregory Thompson, a former pastor of Charlottesville’s Trinity Presbyterian Church, was labeled by the paper as a “Black community leader.”

Thompson—now executive director of the non-profit Voices Underground—works extensively on black-centric projects, but he does not claim African heritage in his bio.



  1. Beth, Rob is reading it correctly the way it was written. You capitalized “Community” which changes the context. You may very well be correct about the writer’s intent. Regardless the good pastor hasn’t lost his ability to engage in hyperbole with his “The didn’t just steal the money, they stole the world” comment.

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