From the RPV:

Richmond, VA – Last night, the Republican Party of Virginia’s headquarters was vandalized. RPV Chairman Rich Anderson issued the following statement:

“Under cover of darkness on Thursday night, the violent wave of crime that has infected Richmond for months struck again with a violent, cowardly, and unprovoked attack on the state headquarters of the Republican Party of Virginia (RPV). In prior months, these violent attacks on families and businesses in Virginia’s capital city have gone unchecked by Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, whose neglect enabled last night’s attack on the building that has been the home of millions of Virginia Republicans for four decades. While the damage to RPV Headquarters was limited to the glass frontage of the building, it was a clear attempt to induce a sense of terror in Virginia Republicans. On this day when we remember the cowardly attacks of 9/11, I call on Governor Northam, Mayor Stoney, and Democrat members of the General Assembly to condemn these cowardly acts of hate and violence. Virginia Republicans will now restore our headquarters—just as we now resume the fight to restore good government in Virginia, defeat extremist General Assembly Democrats in 2021, and repeal every destructive bill they passed in 2020.”

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  1. Excited for 2020 to watch the re-election of President Trump!! Everyone needs to get out to vote this year, for President Trump otherwise we will have a socialist country!! I know you don’t want democrats telling you what you can and can’t do!! Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking which we need to stop and save the children!!
    2021 we have to vote to get Stoney and Northam out of office! These two have caused more people in the city of Richmond to be districted, people killed, injured and big and small businesses totally torn to pieces! They want to defund the police but they both are paying for private security off of tax payers money! So in other words they could give a damn if we live or die without the police! But let’s makes sure their worthless Ass keeping on being protected! Bullshit!!!
    This presidential election is very important and (we) fellow Americans have to stand up and let it be know we will not tolerate this shit. Pray for America we need it!!!
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 WWG1WGA

  2. Democrats are involved in child sex trafficking which we need to stop and save the children!!

    Integrity and common decency on this site are so absent that no one else will object to this pathetic slur, which probably comes from a Russian troll.


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