Mayhem and chaos at Charlottesville’s Buford Middle School, a manifestation of modeled behaviors at Charlottesville City Hall? Recorded on November 12, 2018.

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  1. Okay, shall we play?
    A manifestation of BHO’s tacit encouragement of anti-cop sentiment: Muslim activist shooting Philly cop in an ambush, Baltimore riots, Ferguson riots.

    A manifestation of liberals radical protests of the Viet Nam war: young men who risked their lives for a nation yelled at and spat upon when they returned from the ugliness of a war into which they were conscripted.

    A manifestation of the condescending and cynical LBJ war on poverty: astronomical welfare rates, broken families, dysfunctional chunks of society

    A manifestation of radicals on one side deciding to confront legally-protesting radicals on another side (who had a permit to march): violence in Charlottesville.

    So Rob runs a story about the hideously incompetent Cville City Council and it becomes a Trump story? Man, talk about free rent in one’s head.

  2. I’ll play.

    Paragraph one: Is watching City Council meetings all the rage, no pun intended, among middle school students now?

    Paragraph two: How many middle school kids do you know who are up on how returning Vietnam veterans were treated, and are mad about it? Hate crimes were up nearly 50% from 2016 to 2017. Does that sound like anger on behalf of Vietnam vets?

    Paragraph 3: First, if you know anything about LBJ you know he was sincere, but ask ten TANF recipients if they feel condescended to by their government, or if they are happy they can put food on the table. Take away government assistance and you’ll get higher rates of true poverty, but I guess that’s okay with you.

    Paragraph 4: I think there may be something to that, but both sides modeled violence, and only people on your side of the fence spewed racism and anti-Semitism. Or set out to kill someone and did. Yet you seem to see the man who invited him here as a victim. A victim who was not protesting legally by the way, because he had agreed not to enter the park until later.

  3. #4 – Nice try and fail again. Regarding anti-semitism, ow many dems have been associated with Louis Farrakhan? It’s just ignorant to attack the right as anti-semitic considering the anti-Israeli policies of Obama. The man has no use for Israel which is about as anti-Semitic as you can be. As for racists they only exist on the right according to the democrats and their puppet media. The NAACP is a racist organization simply because they exist solely to advance and defend African Americans regardless of the situation. Sadly they aren’t alone anymore. It is really ironic when middle and upper middle class white people strut around ranting about racism, white privilege, and white supremacy when the left is composed of a high percentage of middle and upper middle class whites that have benefitted from a cozy upbringing and free ride to an elite education. Sounds like white privilege to me.

  4. It should be clear by now that I’m not a leftist, Al, but what do you expect fortunate white kids to do, go to community colleges when they could get into Yale? Or should they begin exhibiting enlightened solidarity before the age of 18 and refuse to go to private schools, and prevail upon their parents to move somewhere where the public schools are poor? Being fortunate is not being racist; being a passive recipient of good fortune is not the same as making bigoted choices.

    So the NAACP is racist for advancing the interests of black people regardless of their economic circumstances. Prosperous blacks haven’t faced racist barriers to success, and don’t still meet with racism, is that your theory?

    How many Democrats have associated with Farrakhan? A tiny minority, mostly by standing next to him in 2005 or 2009, apparently. Some “association.” Now you tell me how many conservatives voted for and still support Donald Trump despite his extensive history of racist comments. And racist actions. How many American troops will be living in tents away from their families this Thanksgiving because Trump wants to make a bunch of unarmed brown-skinned folks seeking asylum by legal means look like a threat to the nation?

    Finally, criticizing Israel for reverse racism is no more anti-Semitic than supporting it without qualification is being obedient to the implied Biblical injunction to bless Israel. A true friend, a true supporter, does not condone wrongdoing, but criticizes the wrongdoer for the good of all involved. But I have not called the Right as a whole anti-Semitic. What I say is that you guys put no more effort into criticizing white supremacists than the Left does in criticizing Farrakhan – and who is the real threat?

  5. LBJ was sincere? About as sincere as Obama. LBJ was cynical, to say the least.

    IF LBJ was sincere, then that would be more fodder to the folly of the war on poverty, that a politician of his experience and background would–in supposed “sincerity”– enact policies of such failure in a liberal effort to stamp out poverty. If you want to know LBJ’s attitude toward the poor (both urban blacks and the Appalachian impoverished), venture past the Books-A-Million front displays into some academic treatises on LBJ and the War on Poverty.

    The most cynical thing I have seen recently came from a longtime retired public school principal in South Florida. She decided, some years back, to double dip and run for head of elections; she then compiled a history of dubious election management until it came to a head this year. She was forced to resign in disgrace and–hopefully–may face charges for election fraud. This is a woman who was charged with educating kids in a county so corrupt (from the school superintendent to the sheriff to this woman) that it makes Obama’s Chicago look like a paragon of virtue.

    Now, that’s cynical!

  6. LBJ was crafty, but he genuinely cared about the poor. He played politics on their behalf. Read Robert Caro. And “Obama’s Chicago” was not corrupt. Chicago, where I used to live, btw, was corrupt long before he got there, and his state senator’s gig notwithstanding, he was never a major player in its politics. The mayor and the aldermen – that’s where the action, and the corruption, was.

  7. You are justifying racism because of past transgressions. Any organization that lobbies for a specific race usually against another specific race is racist. You can sugarcoat it with nuisance and justifications until hell freezes over and you will still be wrong. As for your ideology, denying it is foolhardy. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and change leftist to liberal if it makes you happy. As for condoning white supremacy, anyone paying attention knows those groups are extremists shunned by the mainstream population. Of course you are fixated on Trump’s statement that agitators and combatants were present on both sides on 8/12/17. He was 100% correct. One side had a legal permit to be here regardless of their extreme nature. The other side came to shut them down by whatever means necessary.


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