Forrest BCommon sense seems to be retreating everywhere because there is the hysterical left on one side, and the hysterical Islamists on the other, each with fascistic views and each big on censorship and control. And then there is us on the right, that uphold liberty, freedom of thought, and self-preservation. But we are being marginalized and made to feel like bigots, racists and Nazis, when in fact our views are entirely rational and sensible. The political correctness of the left is combining with the religious correctness of Islam and creating an absolutely insane world.

7% of French people aged 18-24 have a positive view towards ISIS. (For people 25-34 in France that number is 22%). Can you imagine? France is done. They can bomb the Caliphate all they want; France is finished.  Leftist politicians have let France become overcome by Muslims through pro-immigration policies. And there is no turning back, no way to put Humpty Dumpty back together. No way to put the genie back in the bottle. They might as well just give up and just accept mosques popping up all around the countryside, more mass shootings, and more suicide bombings. The number of mosques and Muslim prayer rooms has doubled in France over the past twenty years; expect it to triple and quadruple in the years to come. The Muslim birth rate is also much higher than the indigenous French population, so that will further increase the rate of Islamization and the succumbing of France as we have known it. This is the plan of many imams in Western Europe, and it’s going very well.

Has anybody noticed that you hardly ever hear of incidents of Muslim terrorism in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland and Poland? That’s because in all of Europe those countries have the lowest Muslim populations. If they ain’t there, they are less likely to create havoc. There are so many terrorists operating within the U.K, Belgium, France, Sweden and Germany—and guess what? Yes! You guessed it! The U.K, Belgium, France, Sweden and Germany all have the highest Muslim populations of Europe. So Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Finland and Poland—I hope you are paying attention to all of this. France and Germany and England are already done. There is little hope for them to ever return to a sense of safety and normalcy, but you still have the power to set limits on Muslim immigrants coming into your country. Do so wisely.

So all across Europe politicians of sensible parties like Nigel Farage in England and Marine Le Pen in France are being marginalized and ridiculed. We have to stop calling their parties (UKIP in England and the National Front in France etc.) “far right” parties. Why do we not call Sarkozy’s and Hollande’s governments “far left”? I’d go further—I’d call them “far from sane.” I hear so many stories from Europe about how if you even mention race, ethnicity, religious viv-a-vis cultural problems and/or crime, you are immediately shut down and a mark is put on you to prevent your social or political advancement. Your career is kaput because you don’t join the left wing “diversity is our strength” consensus. In France, it is illegal to publish statistics on crime and ethnicity (by the way unofficial reports state that around 70% of prisoners in France are Muslims). That already sounds fascist to me, if you are silenced from even speaking truth by a hysterical group that differs from you politically.

Who caused the Paris attacks and the hundreds and hundreds of attacks and riots in France in the last 20 years? Of course you can blame the Muslim perpetrators, but that’s a no-brainer. Whenever you get a fairly large percentage of people living in a western European city you are going to have big terrorism problems. (As a side note, I hate hearing from commentators saying the real victims of the Paris attacks are the Muslim populations because of backlashes that will be felt by them. No, shut up. The real victim is the mother of young children on the sidewalk at that French café, bleeding slowly and from her stomach, aware she is going to die and never see her children again, paralyzed and in excruciating pain, staring at the pavement, wondering why this happened. Those are the real victims.) To ignore the link between high Muslim population and corresponding high levels of terrorism is like ignoring the fact that once Mexicans become the majority population in a U.S. city, then gangs, poverty, violence and crime in that city go up. It’s almost a given. You can count on it.

So who should be blamed for these ongoing Muslim attacks? The far left European politicians, and their completely stupid immigration policies over the last 20 or more years. They have let in so many Muslim cultures that are completely different from the indigenous French people and their culture, people who do not share the same values on women’s rights, marriage, sexuality, separation of church and state, language, customs, etc. The left has created hornets’ nests in cities all throughout Europe through trying to be politically correct and embracing all cultures of the world as equally beautiful and desirable.

The American left is trying to do the same with people from Mexico and people from other 3rd world peasant cultures entering our country, often illegally. People who by-and-large are very different from the established American culture, and who have lax views on rape, exhibit machismo attitudes, speak a different language, tend to boost crime rates, and possess socialist attitudes toward government (guaranteed democratic votes for the left!), and who do not assimilate—these people are streaming into America, changing our social and moral fabric. This is all happening without the consent of the people already living here.

These Paris style attacks will happen again and again for decades to come in Europe, just like they happened in New York, London, Paris, and Mumbai. Outrageous attacks by sweaty, angry, Muslim young men talking to God on a two-way radio, designing attacks to massacre as many people as possible to send a message of the caliphate’s desire to create a paradise on earth. If Muslims are perpetrating these attacks to create a paradise on earth, as they claim, I’d hate to see what they do when they are trying to create a hell on earth. Because in my view, that’s what we have, and the leftist politicians are letting it all happen in our Western countries because they are too afraid of being perceived as impolite and rude.

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Forrest is a James Madison University graduate and has lived in Albemarle County for the last 15 years. He is married with kids and likes economics, history, politics, traveling, languages.and music among many other things.


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