Throughout her campaign for Virginia’s Fifth District Congressional seat, Democrat candidate Jane Dittmar has emphasized her mediation skills and her willingness to work with all people.

Dittmar campaign and surrogate talking points frequently have promoted this narrative.

In an interview with C-ville, Dittmar explained:

“Most of my career has been bringing people together…”

Former chair of the Albemarle County Democratic Committee, Richard Brewer, repeated the mantra:

“Jane is a problem solver who puts people first and is not a partisan warrior…”


“I am confident that her message and proven track record will appeal to voters across party lines…”

And on her campaign website, Jane promises:

“I will work across party lines…”

This echoes Jane’s campaign rhetoric from her 2013 run for the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Scottsville District seat:

“I will work across party lines and advocate for the best interests of my district and the county.”

Furthermore, Dittmar repeatedly has chided her Republican opponent, Tom Garrett, for stating he would not compromise with “moderates” in the Virginia Senate:

“I think Tom Garrett by reputation and by the way he speaks of himself is far right. His original campaign letter brags about never compromising with moderates.”

Yet Dittmar’s kumbaya platitudes have proven empty in recent weeks. As her campaign struggles with 2nd Amendment and DUI issues, the Merry Marxist has lashed out at the “Tea Party,” “obstructionist Republicans,” and Congressman Dave Brat as objects of derision. She’s thrown compulsory “red meat” to the Democrat base by taking aim at these perceived “safe” targets.

In an October 11 press release, Dittmar campaign manager, Tom Vandever, assailed the still popular Tea Party:

Dittmar has repeatedly stressed the importance of moving forward with the comprehensive immigration legislation previously stymied by Tea Party obstructionists in the House of Representatives.


“Garrett’s proposals are just more of the same radical Tea Party non-solutions that have gotten us nowhere,”

During the October 18 League of Women Voters debate in Greene County, Dittmar blamed certain House Republicans for failure to pass a liberal Senate immigration “reform” bill:

“The reason [the bill did not get on the house floor] is because we have a group of Republican Congressmen that are obstructionists…and Dave Brat is one of them. And that is why we’ve had executive orders from President Obama…”

For all of Jane Dittmar’s efforts to paint herself as a ductile conciliator who will work for compromise with all people— regardless of political perspectives and affiliations—her aggressive new discourse betrays Dittmar’s indubitable hostility towards constitutional Republicans and the Tea Party.

The “compromise” sought by Jane Dittmar clearly is unidirectional and obviously excludes certain deplorable and irredeemable people.


  1. I’m pretty sure, even without checking, that Dittmar has never called herself “ductile,” but the record is clear that Tea Party Republicans have both privately and publicly rejected compromise, and demonized compromisers, just as you have. That’s a textbook definition of “obstructionist.” By constantly lambasting liberals in general (instead of individual liberals in individual instances) as ungodly and corrupt and all that, while pretending your own side is morally superior, contrary to both the public record and the Biblical message that we’re all grievous sinners, you’re reinforcing and attempting to excuse that obstructionist attitude.

  2. So typical. Tom Garrett is not going around demonizing Democrats. When I ran two years ago, I did not demonize Republicans. In fact I rejected the Democratic Committees and went off on my own vote finding missions that took me to county fairs and other events where I could talk to EVERYONE – especially Republicans. I guess, despite setting an example of how to be a MEDIATOR and work ACROSS PARTY lines, Jane was not paying attention. I am so sick and tired of this stuff.

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