In a recent Time magazine op-ed, Charlottesville’s vainglorious mayor, Michael Signer, has called for Republican electors to repudiate Donald Trump in the December 19 Electoral College vote.

Known during his mayoral tenure for soft totalitarianism and intolerance of opposing viewpoints, Signer opines:

The fact is that the Electoral College was primarily designed to stop a demagogue—a tyrannical mass leader who preys on our prejudices—from becoming President.

Signer goes on to cite Alexander Hamilton, in Federalist Paper Number 68, subtly encouraging the reader to substitute “Donald Trump,” for Hamilton’s generic “demagogue”:

The Electors were supposed to stop a candidate with “Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” from becoming President. The Electors were supposed to be “men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice.”

To prove his point, Mayor Mike, uses his own created definition of “demagogue” to pin Trump (although Signer’s description more aptly describes Barack Hussein Obama):

I define demagogues as meeting four criteria: first, they posture as a mirror of the masses, attacking elites. Second, they trigger great waves of emotion. Third, they use that emotion for political benefit. Fourth, they threaten or break established rules of governance.

The Mayor concludes that if electors conduct due diligence, they will reject Trump:

In other words, the electors are not supposed to rubber-stamp the popular vote. They’re supposed to do the opposite—to take their responsibility gravely, to subject the winning popular vote candidate to exhaustive scrutiny, and, if the candidate does not meet Hamilton’s standards, to elect an alternative.

Despite his self-aggrandizing fantasies, Signer and his actions are no model for the “Democracy” he loves to extol. He and his City Council are being sued for severe abridgment of the First Amendment and the unjust use of police power in doing so.

Mike Signer is an embarrassment to himself, his dwindling confederacy of Democrat sycophants, and to Charlottesville in general. And before casting stones at Trump, Signer should look in the rear-view mirror. His biggest problem, though, is that even when looking, he just can’t see it.

Watch Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer’s unlawful usurpation of citizen free speech:


  1. I thank God that I live in the county. I am constantly amazed, infuriated, incredulous and saddened by the city council and the Mayor.
    It’s up to the city residents to rid themselves of these outsider progressives, making long term damaging decisions about the great city of Charlottesville.
    These decisions bring shame to our heritage and do affect our neighboring counties.

  2. A few examples of soft totalitarianism and intolerance of opposing viewpoints:

    Threatening to use the government to sue and otherwise punish critics. Threatening to “open up” libel laws in order to sue the press. Pledging to torture suspected terrorists and to bomb their relatives, both of which are illegal under U.S. law. Attacking a judge who ruled against him, saying his Mexican ancestry disqualified him from ruling. Encouraging violence at his rallies and offering legal help to the perpetrators.

    Did Mike Singer do all this? No, Donald Trump did.

  3. All hail the poster child for the self-important elitist: Mikey Signer. Hey Mikey, what kind of insurrection do you call for if the electors don’t follow your sage advice?

    Pity Mikey and his wooly flock. They remind me of a old song of Bob Weir’s- “Heaven Help The Fool”, lyrics and all.

  4. Ken, there are certainly many examples to share concerning Obama’s totalitarianism but they were not threats, they were actions. Executive actions…that will soon be expunged. We are sorry for your loss. It would be best to move on and work towards progress rather than dwelling on the nasty campaign.

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