by Tim Griffith

Guest Editorial Graphic Schilling Show BlogAt last, January 20, 2017 has come and gone and so has “President” Obama. I can’t believe how good it feels. I hope you’re smiling as much reading this as I am writing it.

The “occupier” of the Oval Office spent his last weeks pardoning hardened drug offenders, spies, traitors, molesters.

What other president’s last few weeks ever endured such a tantrum-throwing adult childishly​ ripping at ​the ​nation’s fabric, dousing its beacons of light, trying to scratch, dent, or tarnish the polished and lasting sheen of his betters, who are now pushing him off-premises for the colossal clean-up. Even many of his supporters are aghast at where Democrat policies eventually led.

For this I say, “Thank you, President Obama.”

No ghetto punk, threatening non-Democrat voters at the polls, ever discredited the Left so much and elected so many Republican replacements in just eight years, as B. H. Obama.

In the last eight years, a thousand-odd elected Democrats faced the tough search for “real jobs” (private sector jobs of more than 30 hours a week) in the Obama “economic recovery.” Bankrolling their high-life at public expense is now impossible. And at least four times that number will soon join them (and Mr. Obama) when President Trump gets started.

If not for Mr. Obama, the House and Senate might still be in the merciless clutches of Leftist extremists in the Democratic Party.

Without Barack Obama, Republicans would as usual be rubber-stamping a Democrat president’s hard left nominee to fill Justice Scalia’s seat.

Without Barack Obama, Hillary would have been the president in 2008. She’d have had an easy win, not yet having demanded her own illegal e-mail server. Not yet having mismanaged the Benghazi debacle. Not yet having lied to the families of the dead. Not yet having “reset Russia.” Not yet having rigged the Democrat primaries against Sanders. Her Republican opponent would’ve been John McCain, he who squelched every word of Obama’s checkered past: Links to America-hater Jeremiah Wright, terrorists Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn and convicted money-laundering fraudster Tony Rezko.

If Barack Obama hadn’t sent Hillary Clinton to rile up Mideast and North African nations, repeatedly hazarding and snubbing Israel, even trying to steal Israel’s election from Netanyahu, Democrats might have held enough Jewish votes to beat Trump in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin–all which went unexpectedly “red.”

Who else but Obama would have been so protected by the press when he had his minions pin the Benghazi fiasco on an obscure video, or when he called the Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence,” or other terrorist acts “man-caused disasters?” The fawning press lost all creds, openly shielding Obama while savaging his critics as “racist.” Their crotch-sniffing loyalty surfaced time and again with antics such as Candy Crowley lyingly supporting Obama when moderating his debate with Romney. Or when Donna Brazile slipped a debate’s questions to Hillary. They raised no eyebrows at Obama’s vociferous attack on “those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

There’s no way Republicans could have gained back both houses of Congress and so many state and local seats with their usual blundering campaigns, poor messaging and constant retreats from controversy with Dems over policy.

Democrats had a hard time pushing the “Republican war on women” theme as their own party-head demanded entry for unstable deviant-type males into women’s bathrooms, dressing rooms, showers, etc. His twisted, evil minions forced states to adopt sodomy as lawful consummation of marriage, harshly prosecuting Christians and others who didn’t play that sick game.

He made it “illegal to not buy” health insurance, dropping his lying promises of “keep the policy you like” and his much vaunted “Stupak amendment.” Instead he forced even nuns to fund abortions, contrary to their religion.

Forcing illegal aliens into America swelled voter rolls with “the wetback vote.” The new ethnic expansion cracked and eroded Obama’s standing among African Americans, now unable to find work that pays half-decent start-up wages, because under-the-table foreigners work cheaper.

Obama doubled the U.S. debt to $20 trillion, (a debt he called “unpatriotic” at $10 trillion, before taking office)! His “shovel ready” jobs never appeared. His “green jobs” ended as soon as federal subsidies ran out, companies like Solyndra taking their jobs to China.

Mr. Obama rightly said this recent election would be “a referendum on my policies.” And it was.

Even Jimmy Carter knows he’s no longer America’s worst president.

Obama, the incompetent, sloganeering, Alinskyite, doctrinnaire, fundamental transformer of America, did everything avowed enemies of the U.S. would have done, had they landed in our most hallowed and august seat of power: From weakening the military to pardoning spies, championing deserters, freeing imprisoned drug runners.

Despite Obama’s best efforts, America still stands, hurt but not destroyed. (What a tribute to our Founding Fathers’ genius in setting up this republic.)

Who could’ve known the Nobel prize “winner” in the oval office, the most lauded Democrat ever in the U.S., could have unwittingly helped so many of his opponents get elected by demonstrating the flaws of Democrat policies so clearly that they’re now a small minority of governments nationwide?

Who could have known his destabilizing of society and anti-gun rhetoric would have sold so many guns and spread the support of gun rights to today’s unheard-of levels?

The press may continue to idolize and praise Obama’s “legacy,” but only until its predictable failures mount to the point where nothing in his presidency will be seen as progress. He will be unveiled–small man that he is–whose shadow lengthens only because his sun is setting, his immoral causes and anti-American policies of all kinds fully owned now by the Democrat party that championed all without reserve.

For this, we can all say, “Thank you, Barack Obama…. And STAY out!”

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