by Forrest B

As much as I criticize and make fun of these radical communists wreaking havoc in the streets of D.C., I really on a deeper level feel sorry for them; the modern world has failed them, on a spiritual level. They have slipped through the cracks, and have been used as useful idiots to rail against order and tradition. Their youthful exuberance for an ideal world is being organized by malevolent forces. They are really like irrational children, just lashing out.

I, like them, recognize that there are major problems with the modern world, but these protesters don’t seem to be traveling towards order and a functioning society. All of the things they accuse the “far right” (gotta love that term) of, they themselves are. It is extremely rare that you hear about someone on the right committing violence in the streets, but for the leftists, it is commonplace and expected behavior. They are just flaming fireballs of rage, angry at whites, angry at men, angry at Christians. Whatever traditional part of society they feel they are excluded from, for one reason or another, they hate. The left is filled with hate, and they talk about love so much to shroud that fact.

Such misguided people. Such misdirected energy. That is the tragedy of modern life—so many lost souls. Completely lost. These ANTIFA black-clothed protesters and the tamer, average lefties, are so desperate for meaning, so desperate for an identity and a sense of belonging. They are so quick to throw away traditionalism for an ephemeral solution—idealistic solutions that will not last the test of time.

Hating everything traditional and normal is a bad prescription for a nation, and anybody who thinks that following such philosophies is useful is just fooling themselves. Human existence has always been, and always will be full of conflict, war, violence, invasion, control, deceit etc. People like me just accept this harsh reality that we’ve been dealt by nature, and take measures to create societies that are highly resilient and resistant to forces that would take the nation down. Leftists on the other hand, lie to themselves and pretend the whole world is love and that there are no real dangers out there, just dangers that militaristic white men have created.

Au contraire.

Leftists deny their animal nature, and the animal nature of their enemies and in doing so put our nation in peril. They’ve lived so long in peace and in plenty, that they think that condition is the status quo of human existence. It is not. Struggle for existence and living under threats from outsiders is the status quo, and always has been. We have lived in peace and plenty for a couple centuries because we’ve been very inward looking, and proud of our own culture, our own traditions, and our own people. The left has either forgotten that, or has taken it for granted. And in their gamble, their bet to place all their tokens on the “love trumps hate” space, we will lose this game, and American society will look radically different 30 years from now. We will return to the status quo – with the threat of violence and tribal warfare being everyday reality.

This brief 230 or so year period of an overwhelmingly peaceful internal America will be one of those eras you read about in history books—the good ole days that are reminisced about and fantasized about, before the fall.

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Forrest is a James Madison University graduate and has lived in Albemarle County for the last 15 years. He is married with kids and likes economics, history, politics, traveling, languages.and music among many other things.


  1. Mr. B, a proud JMU graduate, has memorized all the modern insults and half-truths with which conservatives assure themselves and their flock of their superiority; and he thinks they make him sound intelligent.

    Steve Bannon himself, I’d wager, would give him just a D-.

  2. Spot-on, Forrest; I don’t think I could improve on that and you’ve accurately described the desperate, dangerous condition of the loons.

    If only they could and would read the history books you refer to in closing. History is fact and not feeling, thus anathema and beyond the ability of processing. They could learn a heckuva lot from facts, and reality.

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