CATS-PAW, noun – A dupe; the instrument which another uses.

Watching the presidential address to Congress the other evening, and the behavior of those in the Democratic Party, brought to mind an incident from my youth. Attending a Boy Scout leadership conference lecture I was exposed to an unusual act. The speaker, a United States Navy Commander, took position behind the podium, decked out in his full dress uniform, wearing a ridiculous rubber mask. For fifteen minutes, he delivered a serious and sobering message on the need for authenticity in leadership. He pressed on and on, making one statement after another, and the audience was coming apart at the seams. Why? Anybody knows why! His mask canceled out everything he was endeavoring to impart on that subject. It was impossible for him to be convincing while he wore that mask. Finally, he pulled the thing off his face and we settled down almost immediately. As soon as we did, we were readily cognizant of the point he was making. That I can still recall this, demonstrates this fact. Presently, the current behavior of those who call themselves liberal Democrats, likewise are seeing the self-evident cancelation of their age old political rhetoric. When one witnesses a group of individuals with “Love Trumps Hate” signs, beating, stomping, spitting and pepper spraying an innocent fellow citizen who also desires to exercise his 1st Amendment rights, well, the two are irreconcilable. This behavior is neither surprising, shocking nor unexpected, at least not by those who have had the dubious honor early on in their lives, of experiencing the “tolerance” the left espouses.

If I were to ask you to give me the address and phone number of a terrorist group with ties to ISIS, what would be your response? I don’t know that there is a building we could locate anywhere that would be named “Terrorism West-A Subsidiary of ISIS”, because terrorism is an invisible system of well-camouflaged evil. Many who function within the terrorism realms are legitimate-looking businessmen by day and killers by night. By day many of them sign business papers; by night many of them are orchestrating ways to kill our fellow Americans. It is an invisible system designed to promote evil often under the camouflage of good. This then, is our present reality. Interestingly enough, this is also the same behavioral pattern of the liberal left. Couching themselves in the flag and the Constitution by day, they seek to chip away at it by night, perverting it, weakening it and rendering it powerless. When one takes a couple of steps back, it is a most unsettling feeling, to see the similarities between the Constitutional enemies foreign and domestic.

Despite the fact that our media and our celebrities ridicule it, and the church in America seems to ignore it, we are in a state of war. It has always been incomprehensible to me, that the one three letter word is so painstakingly avoided. War is a given. It is a part of the reality of our existence. Since Satan was thrown out of Heaven, the concept of war has been a part of the human condition. Peace is hard to come by. In the nearly four thousand years of recorded human history, there have been only two hundred and sixty eight years where there was no war. War is normal. After this last presidential election, it is self-evident that it will remain a constant companion for some time to come. Scripture tells us that the end of the age of man will see wars and rumors of wars, yet, some vainly seek to pass out Coca-Cola and sing in harmony, to groups standing fully armed in a circular firing squad. That too is neither surprising nor unexpected.

The morning of 9 November, 2016 was considerably remarkable. The news anchors were stunned, the pollsters perplexed, and most of all, the far left was in despair. It took a few days for the realization to set in, and the shock to wear off, but in the end, the greatest act the election results generated, was the sudden and obviously violent ripping away of the mask that many have worn for about three generations. Just as the serpent bedazzled Eve in the garden with such simple seeming logic, so has that same serpentine spirit worked tirelessly, entangling itself within the governmental, societal and cultural infrastructure of our nation. The serpent seldom had to rear its head and display its fangs, because it exercised the virtue of patience. Of course, it allowed resistance to be displayed, without fear, for it knew that while a minority were demonstrating resignation, the reality was, it was silently feasting on “WE THE PEOPLE.” That paradigm changed this past election cycle, when the prey suddenly decided to halt its descent into the stomach of the snake. Donald Trump’s unanticipated triumph was not simply a blow to those wishing validation and support of their sexual deviancy, or to those who can’t figure out which bathroom or locker room to use, or what other venues allowed people to glory in their shame. Trump’s triumph represents a much larger stumbling block.

Since the outcry and the weeping and gnashing of teeth over the President’s travel ban, and the enforcement of immigration control, the mask has been yanked from the faces of the globalists and the elitists, whom I will refer to as Globelitists. Hillary’s defeat was also a defeat for the Globelitists, who seek a world without borders, and as such, a one world government. The Globelitists witnessed a major setback with the Brexit movement in the UK back in June of last year, however, there was not the extraordinary amount of fanfare regarding the outcome, as logic would have suggested. In contrast to the reaction in Americas post-election results, the Brexit fall-out is not worth mentioning. The ascension of Hillary Clinton was a given by the Globelitists. The Clinton Global Initiative (excellently named) was generating currency like a true money machine. The media romanced her and she carried the unseen but all-powerful scepter of power, as conferred upon her by the Globelitists. Polls were showing her winning, the media was declaring her a winner, enough to make even Charlie Sheen want to stop using the word. The forgotten aspect of all of this was the power of the average citizen. Brexit was a vote of no confidence by the common man in the United Kingdom. The utopia and the gleam and dazzle that was promised to them in 1992, never came to fruition, and the common man, seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, just a darker and deeper one for his progeny, voted to get out. Likewise, a similar phenomenon occurred here in America. The sweet honey promises of Obama’s hope and change, became poisonous barbs in the mouths of Americans. They lost their insurance plans and the doctors they were told they could keep, as well as the jobs they needed to survive. While the media actively spun the Rumpelstiltskin tales of an improving economy, they believed instead the story their check books related at the end of each week. Having enough drama in their lives, they did what humans have been doing since the beginning. They opted to act in their own best interests. They told the pollsters what they wanted to hear, and in the election booth, did what they thought was best for themselves and their families.

Taken off-guard, the serpent spirit now raises its head and displays its fangs. God is a God of order. Evil seeks chaos. This crazed demonic spirit displayed by those in protest, wearing vagina suits, burning, disrupting, and marching with “Love Trumps Hate” banners, while attacking the innocent, that’s the anger at the loss of power and control. I once owned a dog. She was so loving and peaceful, you could not have asked for a better pet. Take her bone from her! If you could get your hands on her bone, and get it from her, she transformed into the Tasmanian devil, and she saw no peace until you either relented and returned it, or sealed her in her doghouse until she was back under control. It is the same principal here. Globelitists are not going to cease nor rethink their position nor acquiesce to the will of the majority. They can’t! It’s not in their nature. That desire for one united world has been in existence since God confused the languages at the tower of Babel, and it will not be quenched, however it will be vanquished in the not too distant future, by Christ. Although the terms “One World Government” and One World Currency” are never utilized outright in Scripture, the concepts are alluded to repeatedly, enough that one can only anticipate such a system, in order for Prophecy to be fulfilled. This then is what we are now witnessing. Evil loves chaos, and the useful minions now filling our streets are heeding the call of their dark masters and fulfilling their demonic function.

President Trump’s promise of putting America first, and being the POTUS, not president of the world, is a stumbling block to the Globelitist. The actions of the Democratic Party now fully reveal that they indeed are not for the Constitution, America, or the American citizen, but for the Globelitist agenda. This explains their obstructionism of the Trump cabinet picks, the attempt to discredit AG Sessions, and to sit on their hands during the recent address, when President Trump put forward certain agenda items, for which they used to espouse support. Look now for a created crisis, facilitated by the Globelitists. Granted, there is some fear that there will be exposure of illegal and anti-American activities by the Globelitists. However, the primary motivation, is to shepherd the common folk back into the lockstep march of a global system. What will the crisis be? A massive domestic terror attack, a flashpoint with North Korea, Iran or seemingly if they get their way, Russia? If not within the foreign policy realm, the financial one. Who can know the potential intentionally created financial disaster Globelitists could trigger on Wall Street? Anything, in order to stop Trump and to be able to say “See we told you, the world is better off in our capable hands.”

The Democratic Party has been chipping away at the Constitution, changing it, and corrupting it so that it fails. Sadly, eventually it must fail. Just as I am certain, unseen forces are feverishly laboring to make the necessary changes to the UK’s policies, to assure that the power for the common man to withstand the onslaught of the Globelitists, is eliminated. Needless to say, as a patriot, I dislike this fact, but as a Christian, I can see no other logical outcome in light of Prophecy. For a one world system to become a reality, the nation state must be destroyed, here and in Europe and anywhere the idea of nationalism still resides. The free flow and authoritative control of populations on a globe without borders demands this. This characteristic supplies the dynamic force that propels the immigration control debate, and like all deceptions, this demon seed is couched in the veil of compassion. I am no longer surprised nor amazed at the ability of those alleging faith in Christ, nor the institutions charged with delivering the gospel of Christ, to be so easily deceived. The Church in America seems to have abandoned the spiritual battlefield after WWII, and we have before us the results. Ultimately, what stands in the way of the Globelitists and Radical Islamists, are the remnant faithful of the Christian faith and Conservative Judaism. It is no surprise nor coincidence then, that both are the targets of the same enemies, and that those enemies desire the same outcome.

It has been fascinating to me to see how easily the Globelitists can overlook ISIS and the like. How can “civilized” Globelitists find anything amongst the savagery and barbarity of Radical Islam, reconcilable? That question is answered in the Marxist/Communist pond, from where the current ideology of the Democratic Party in particular, and the Globelitists movement in general, spawned. The end justifies the means. What is the desired end both have in common? Both seek a global one-world system. The Globelitists for wealth, power and control; the Radical Islamists, for the control of the world by Sharia law. Ultimately the two primary targets that receive the passions of both their ires, are Christians and Jews. Again, not surprising to anyone who comprehends prophecy. However what is fascinating to witness is, even those expressing disbelief in the God of the Bible are beginning to question the animosity being directed against Judeo-Christian followers.

For all of the debates and conversations regarding immigration into the United States, one prescient fact is seldom mentioned: the money that is to be made and who is controlling the dispensing of the refugees into other lands. The United Nations Commission on Refugees is the authoritative body that decides who comes into America! Yes, we may supposedly perform the background checks, etc., on immigrant refugees, but it is this UN body that selects who comes to our shores. Any wonder then why President Trump’s questioning of our UN participation is sending shock waves throughout the Globelitists realm? Sadly, all of the churches and religious organizations that are “compassionately” assisting in the relocation, do so by abandoning the prime directive of the Biblical mandate. A little known fact in the refugee rescue scenario, is the requirement of all religious organizations engaged in refugee relocation into the United States, to sign a contract with the United States State Department, agreeing to not attempt to share the gospel of Christ with the refugees, nor in any way take actions to have them assimilate into our culture as it concerns personal customs and beliefs. To be honest, I don’t know which I find the most reprehensible, the fact that such an edict was established, or that so many allegedly Christian organizations are willing to comply.

The following are some of organizations that currently labor towards the relocation of refugees into America: 

  • The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
  • The Episcopal Migration Ministries
  • World Relief Corporation an arm of the National Association of Evangelicals
  • Church World Services an arm of the World Council of Churches
  • The United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
  • The International Rescue Committee
  • The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

Upon granting them their freedom from Egypt’s bondage by God, the Israelites became seduced and worshipped a calf of gold. Later, their punishment was to be forced to drink the melted gold of this calf and be destroyed. Likewise, these aforementioned organizations worship the calf of green, as in federal dollars. And while they may not be forced to feed upon the cotton of the bill, our destruction as a nation is soon to follow.

After the United Nations selects those who will be sent to America, the State Department then seeks federal contractors, many of which are like the aforementioned religious organizations, to carry out the immigration. For every refugee that any of these organizations brings into the United States, the organizations are given $2,000. Yes! $2K for every single immigrant brought in by any of these organizations. This money comes straight out of the US Budget, so “WE THE PEOPLE” are working ourselves to death, to support this. Out of the $2K, approximately half is usually retained by the organization. Many of those same immigrants also had to obtain a travel loan. When the organizations recover those funds, they get to retain some of that as well! Add to this, that those organizations can also bill the government for services rendered to the immigrant refugees as well. Anything from teaching how to drive a car to how to buy groceries. Anything that can possibly be labeled or considered a “service.” This is done through federal grants. That is for the first immigrant. The process starts all over again, to bring in the extended family of the immigrant. Costing billions to the American taxpayer, not including welfare benefits.

When, in 2014, the Lutheran Immigration and Referral Service had a revenue of $59 million dollars generated from immigration services, $57 million of this figure came from the United States taxpayer! Again in 2014, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops Migration and Refugee Services earned $85 million, $82 million came from US taxpayers! Is there any wonder why we have spending issues and a budget deficit? Statistics show that 60% of all refugees will utilize food stamps and Medicaid. Another 50% will require cash assistance for subsidized housing. This green calf of compassion is rolling along on the back of a gravy train with biscuit wheels courtesy of “WE THE PEOPLE.” The tragic bottom line is the fact that for the financial expenditure required to bring in one refugee, twelve could be assisted, were we to do so, in their own land! Historically typical government efficiency in action.

Multiple objectives are achieved through this scenario. The Islamist seeds himself across the globe, fulfilling the requirements of his religion. The American religious organizations achieve easy wealth, abandoning the spread of the gospel of Christ, for the wealth of man. The Globelitist achieves the crisis necessary to further weaken the Constitution through financial insolvency, and supports the wealthy through the realization of cheap labor. Sadly, when one inquires as to how this can be, the answer remains the same: the US taxpayer.

Another little known feature embedded in the depths of government policy, at least to the average citizen, is the Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit. With 60% of refugees utilizing food stamps and Medicaid, employers who employ these refugees receive a tax credit from the federal government. One cannot help but to wonder how many American workers are overlooked, in order to hire taxpayer subsidized refugee employees? The food processing industry, the meat packing industry, manufacturing and the lodging industry all benefit from cheap labor. A few of the companies who take advantage of this taxpayer funded incentive, are Chobani Yogurt, Tyson Foods, and Chipotle. Is there any wonder then, the CEO of Starbucks proudly announces that he will hire 10,000 refugees?! It is not out of altruistic warm, fuzzy, loving motivation. It is out of pure unadulterated greed. With the known benefits and money to be made on the refugee, there exists little to ponder as to why so many want greater importation of refugees and the elimination of borders. Consider this when you are swallowing your next White Chocolate Mocha.

Corrupt politicians have turned the refugee resettlement situation, into a money making industry, at the expense of and to the detriment to the American taxpayer. While it produces cheap labor and future Democratic voters, it exposes American citizens to the risk of injury and death. The Globelitists and the media would have us believe that the refugees present no danger to the American citizen. This specious argument causes me to ask why then, do the top five richest Islamic countries, led by Saudi Arabia, refuse to permit any immigration into their nations for fear of terrorism? These are their people, and their neighbors, so I am guessing they know better than we do, what they are capable of. I mean really, were I to see everyone at the other end of the road shunning a particular house, not visiting nor letting their kids into their homes, well, I have to believe there is good reason for it. History has recorded that the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon, the attacks in Manhattan and New Jersey, the stabbing rampage in Minnesota and the Ohio State attacks, were all by refugees. The rape and violence seen in Germany, France and Sweden stands as testimony to the fact that history does not record any successful scenario where the middle eastern Islamic person, has assimilated into the country to which he has relocated.

Historically, the practice is to establish a Mosque, create an enclave, grow the population, resist native authorities, institute a Sharia constitution, and secede, to ultimately create their own Muslim country. I’m thinking Dearborn, Michigan and “Little Mogadishu” Minnesota, also known as Cedar-Riverside to us Americans. The pattern is set. It is the very definition of insanity, that anyone should assume a differing outcome in America. Massachusetts, Idaho, Utah, California, North Dakota and here in Virginia, have seen significant increases in rape, assault and crime. Refugee cities are becoming hubs of negative health issues. Already many of those communities have recorded significant increases in heretofore eradicated diseases such as TB, which is showing signs of drug resistance, entailing treatment that requires thousands of dollars and months of treatment.

For those who claim that the Bible commands that we love our neighbors etc., must take into account that paramount in that love, is the sharing of the gospel of Christ. As previously noted, that aspect was already compromised by signing it away per the State Department rule. Consequently, the American taxpayer is having fostered upon them a situation, that finds them funding their own invasion and colonization, while forfeiting employment opportunities through tax incentives to hire the invaders, and compromising the potential future of their progeny—both in financial loss and personal security and safety. We have in this situation, the potential for a flashpoint crisis in the healthcare system, the law enforcement and judicial system, the public education system and the social programs system. Our financial structure is still reeling from the 2008 crash. This unnecessary stress can only be on purpose. No one is accidentally this foolish.

Screenwriter William Goldman coined the phrase “Follow the money” for the film “All the President’s Men”, and though it was never really spoken during the Watergate debacle, it is nonetheless appropriate. If we follow the money associated with the refugee relocation industry, one starts to comprehend why there exists so little animation to regain control of the borders and such tremendous passion to prevent it. Americans once not only believed in, but practiced the characteristics of honor, courage, and virtue. They sought as much from those that they selected as their representatives in this republic. Sadly, with the rejection of basic Judeo-Christian beliefs from the public arena in 1963, God has turned us over to our own demise. He has, so to speak, allowed us to pick our own poison, now, the sacredness of the freedom of the individual has been relegated to the base desires of man. Power, money and control are the objectives now. This brings to mind John Adams often quoted warning:

“Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Follow the money and see who benefits from the payout. When President Trump tries to get real control of the borders and immigration, his biggest opponents could very well be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senator John McCain. Why? Well, they receive some pretty good funding from the Arab world. It’s not one side of the aisle, and it’s not just immigration to be sure. It’s the D.C. K Street lobbyists and the morally weak individuals that are captured by their siren song.

These are the Cats-paws, and they lead and animate the protestors, disrupters, and obstructionists. These snollygosters, whether they work alone or in alliance with others, wrongly believe they work only on behalf of their own interests and expanding their own wallets, not comprehending that in doing so, they are actually forwarding and fulfilling a far more insidious and evil objective.

Veiled in compassion, the Johnson Administration co-opted the black community, destroying family and creating a seemingly permanent dependent voter-class. Having run its course, politicians turned their focus onto the Latino community, and presently, the focus is upon the Middle-Eastern Refugees. Refugees created by a failed foreign policy the last eight years, but hey, what difference does it make? All the while, the one segment of the population commanded by the Constitution to be protected—the American citizen—is financially coerced to dispossess itself. The citizens of France are rapidly awakening from the slumber their Globelitist leaders lulled them into, and it will be interesting indeed, to observe how Marie Le Pen fares in the election in two months.

Shakespeare’s dialogue for King Richard III, “My kingdom for a horse” comes to mind as I watch all of this. Today, it would be “My republic for a buck.” The pervasiveness of corruption and lack of love, and all else Paul wrote of in Romans Chapter One is quite relevant. And all that Christ preached and prophesied of is coming to pass.

In my youth, the middle-east and Islam were something to read about in “Lawrence of Arabia.” Globelitists have successfully introduced a cancerous infection into the body of the west. Now they are among us, bombing, raping, stabbing, and beheading on our streets, in our schools and on the floors of our factories and nightclubs. As long as the Globelitist and Radical Islam share the common goal of world control, we are condemned to watch this war continue. It will do so, as foretold, until it ends with Christ’s feet back upon the Mount of Olives. In the interim, we now know exactly who we are dealing with and what they are capable of.

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HANK MARTIN is an Albemarle native, a graduate of Albemarle High School and PVCC majoring in Business Management. He has an extensive history of participating in the local Cub and Boy Scout Programs, both as a Scout and later as Scout Master, as well as having been a member of the Monticello Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. He has also served as a leader in church youth character building programs, such as AWANA's and the Royal Ambassadors. He is an avid student of both Biblical and world history as well as Biblical prophecy. He participated in the adoption of the school anti-bullying legislation sponsored by delegate Rob Bell. In 2006, in response to proposed ordinances by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors regarding property rights, he founded and chaired Forever Albemarle, a personal property rights group. He resides in Albemarle County with his wife, and one of their two sons, the other now a resident out of state.


  1. I wrote a whole response to this, but I’m not even going to post it. Suffice it to say that while I’m not entirely unsympathetic to your views, if you loved your enemies like Christ does, you would understand them, but you don’t so you don’t. I just have one question. You fault progressives for trampling on the Constitution. But your Great White Hope Trump is doing that literally and in spirit 40 ways to Sunday. Does anyone here have the courage to admit it? I’ve learned to assume the answer is “no.”

  2. Christ tells us that Heaven has a narrow road, one gate, high walls and one requirement, that you believe in Christ as having sacrificed His life for the atonement of our sins. Sounds like a pretty intense and critical vetting process to me. Understand my enemy? I have watched my enemy behead, maim, rape, murder and pillage my entire life. I watched him hold my countrymen hostage for 444 days. I’ve watched him destroy priceless antiquities, defile the innocent, and embolden the evil. I know that another presidential administration was forced to respond to the barbarity of MUHAMMAD’S MONSTERS, thus creating the United States Marine Corp. Rest assured, I do “understand” my enemy and I know his historical strategy of conquest and behavior. I wish the vast numbers of those who allegedly will be sharing eternity with me, rejoicing around the throne of my savior, would utilize their eyes, ears and brains we’ve been gifted with, and exercise the God expected action of judgement and discernment. If Christians, AT ANY LEVEL, call themselves “loving” their enemy, while allowing secular authorities to deny the sharing of the Gospel of Christ, or simply refusing to do so, for any reason, do therefore violate the prime directive Christ gave as His final command. Remember, Jesus’ final command to His disciples to go into all the world and preach the Gospel has never been withdrawn, and we must take it very seriously. The church exists because centuries ago men and women took Jesus’ command seriously, and committed their lives to bringing the good news of God’s love in Christ to our forefathers. Jesus declared, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

  3. Thanks for the reply, Hank, but of course the enemies I was referring to were progressives, although in fact you guys are pretty much in opposition to the entire rest of the country, not only Democrats.

    The thing is, when it comes to preaching the gospel, while words are necessary to convey the propositions that God loves us, that we have rebelled against him, but that he has made a way for us to reconcile, etc., actions still speak louder than words, so if your actions contradict your words, your words are in vain. In the gospels, Jesus did get angry in the temple, but he didn’t walk around spitting mad, or bitter, resentful and disgusted, like you guys are all the time. He didn’t constantly condemn sinners. He wept over sinful Jerusalem, and he demonstrated God’s love in both words and deeds. What must a non-believer who listens to the Schilling Show think? Do you really think they can hear the gospel through your disdain?

    I know you’re a Scout leader and I don’t doubt you do all sorts of good in your community. But your attitude towards non-believers, not to mention moderates and liberals and even a lot of conservatives, makes them tune you out. And you didn’t answer my question about Trump. Even I as a liberal had to hold my nose to cote for Hillary. But in my opinion, by compromising its principles and voting for an unethical, unstable, cynical ignoramus like Trump, who appeals to all the worst in people, the Religious Right has fatally damaged its witness for years to come.

  4. Ken, I believe one of the best Scriptures in the Bible is James 1:19, which tells us to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger. I have ruminated upon your reply, and do now submit mine.

    Though we have communi8cated often in this forum, we still know little about one another. However, based upon your past responses, I am speculating that your are within spitting distance of my 53 years of age, therefore we should share some commonalities in remembrances of America past.

    You seem sincerely and genuinely committed to your beliefs while simultaneously extending the charitable trait of live and let live, and if so, I must tell you that yours is a rarity. I wish that those with whom you share similar ideology, were as charitable. You state that ” actions still speak louder than words, so if your actions contradict your words, your words are in vain.” I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. While you may exercise the ability of coexistence with differing views, the bulk of experiences in my life’s journey has not reflected this.

    Just a few days prior to my birth, the SCOTUS had delivered the decree to remove God and prayer from the public schools. That demon seed took little time to take root. By the time I entered first grade in 69, the cancer was already spreading. Those actions that speak so loud, well I heard and felt them. Lacking siblings, I looked forward to school, having the naïve notion of knowing no strangers, just friends I’ve yet to meet. What a fallacy! While some of these kids may have been taken to “Woodstock” with their parents, they knew nor practiced little about love. I served my state sanctioned sentence called public school from 69 to 81. Ironically, there was little interest in a “Safe Space” for me, and those like me. We endured the verbal, mental and physical abuse, the stolen and vandalized personal property, the slander and liable rampantly available even before the creation of the internet and social media and all the while an ineffective and feckless faculty and administration who either looked the other way, or sometimes actually exacerbated the problem. Seeming to only take notice when the persecuted finally found their fecal filter full, and fought back. Only to be told of the zero tolerance policy and how we must learn to handle conflict in the world. Whomever created the adage about sticks and stones and the inability of words to not hurt was most incorrect, however they did capture correctly the notion of true courage consists in doing what is right, despite the jeers and sneers of our companions.

    Just before my high school graduation, I had my life forever altered by the transforming power of the acceptance of Christ. Many of my comrades-in-arms were not as fortunate. Many whose spirits were broken, turned to other means, and forever altered or ended their lives. From my junior year in HS to my first year in college, I attended or participated in five funerals of individuals my age. In the work place, I observed the once great notion of the American work ethic reduced to tragic mediocrity. Where once self-motivation and individual thinking were sough after and rewarded, they became threats to those whose primary goal was to party hearty by night and protect their mediocrity by day.

    While I have no reason to doubt your personal ethos about peaceful coexistence, I can attest that far too many who have stated similar views, were not so benevolent. Even now my body transmits daily, sometimes hourly, reminders of just how tolerant, loving and peaceful non-believers, moderates and liberals can be. It seems that I have never been afforded the Constitutional right of pursuing my happiness and being allowed to follow my convictions and beliefs unfettered. What I have found to be true? That in any place and time, where the word of God is quietly questioned, openly resisted or outright forbidden, you will find the beginnings of, the structure of, or the full fledged mechanism of inhumanity. Mine eyes have seen the actions, mine ear shave heard the truth and my body felt the results of such. The empirical evidence is recorded history for me. While we are expected to forgive, we are also expected to learn, and I have had quite the education.

    In response to your inquiry about Trump, I freely admit that I had and have my reservations. I have stated so on the air as well. There was another candidate who was more closely aligned to my belief system and my understanding of the constitutional principles upon which this republic is founded. Providence saw fit to not leave him in the race. No human candidate is perfect, but when presented with a choice of two imperfect candidates, one of whom based their belief in the death of the innocent, and the tyranny of the state, well the choice pretty much made itself.

    While you opine that the Religious Right has fatally damaged itself, I submit that by it’s current behavior, the liberal left has equally delegitimized itself as well, revealing a behavior to the world at large a trait I’ve know since first grade. Perhaps yours is the attitude that needs to be more freely conveyed, instead of the violent actions and the hate-filled speech that the media seems to capture far too often these days. I remain convinced that we are now down to three R’s. Revival, Revolution or Rapture. Given the headlines regarding wars, natural disasters and the human condition, I believe that only two of those three options remain.

  5. Hank, I appreciate your taking time to think over how to respond. I’m older than you are, but not enough for it to matter. I’ve been debating both liberals and conservatives online since 1999, and I’m sorry to say that in my own experience one cannot tell the liberals from the conservatives, or the Christian conservatives from the militant atheists, by the way they conduct themselves in debate. Of course one meets exceptions, but most people adopt a give no quarter attitude. (I can’t say I’ve never done the same.) They aren’t interested in learning and understanding and coming to whatever possible agreement, but only in winning the argument, bashing the other guy, and confirming their bias against people like him.

    (The first thing I look for when I discuss issues with people who disagree is whether or not they’re willing to be honest – that shows me whether they’re interested in the truth of the matter, or just in scoring points. To my way of thinking, the honest way to debate is to acknowledge the other party’s good points. If A and B take opposite positions on an issue in which there are five relevant facts, three that can be used to support A’s position, and two that can support B’s, the honest way to argue is for A to acknowledge B’s two facts, and vice-versa. I try to do this myself. I do, for example, support a variety of types of government aid to the poor and less fortunate, but I freely admit there are strong arguments again that aid. I believe the arguments it for outweigh the arguments against, but I would never say, for example, that everyone opposed is just hardhearted.)

    Yes, secular liberals preach tolerance, so they should show it. But Christians claim to represent Christ, whose own form of tolerance (love and forgiveness) was incomparably stronger and more encompassing. Who then, are the greater hypocrites? Looking at history, we see the same thing. Germany gave us Luther; and they gave us centuries of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. After New England went cold on Christianity, where in America did it flourish most intensely? But where were African-Americans treated most viciously? Etc. etc. etc. (I’m not being a liberal bashing Christendom, which has done great good. I’m being realistic).

    So while I’m sorry for the way you were treated in school – and as someone whose family moved a few times, I had some similar experiences – when you say that your experience illustrates the consequences of abandoning Christianity, I have to say, try telling that to a Jew. Try telling it to a black man who remembers Jim Crow. They would remember Christians being downright evil, and often in the name of Christianity. It’s also the case that kids in general are just mean in groups. We can’t expect schoolkids to live up to the peace and love ideals of their Woodstock-era parents.

    Sorry, Hank, but it’s one thing to stand for conservative values, some of which I share. It’s another to traffic in stereotypes about conservatives being the salt of the earth and liberals destroying it. When you talk like that, you’re in the grip of prejudice.

  6. Ken, if you are slightly older than I am, then you have to be in possession of even more memories than I, of how this country used to be. In all honestly, are you able to say that given what is remembered of America then, is not far superior to what is observed now? I can remember a society that was structured, ordered, prosperous, with families that were whole. A culture that took pride in itself. It was not running around with its clothes off, its citizens unable to decide what bathroom to use, its teachers involved with their students sexually, and children being abused as they are now. There was no garbage thrown out along the side of the highway, the interstate rest areas had floors you could eat off of, and no filth scratched onto the stall walls. There was no need for complex vending machines that failed to deliver you your over- priced snack, rather there was a simple box where you placed your coins or bills, and made your own change, took your soda from the ice box and grabbed your nabs. If I can remember this, surely you must. I remember families, whose dads were WWII vets, and they were succeeding in life. The multi-headed and tentacle beast of federal government launched by LBJ hadn’t taken hold just yet, and a man’s paycheck had mileage. We had men of character and integrity then, and they were respected and rewarded for it, unlike they are today. As I write this, I am listening to Vice-President Mike Pence being ridiculed on his personal decision to not eat dinner alone with a woman other than his wife, nor partake of alcohol. He is being roasted for this, yet again, I don’t see the “tolerance and love” to allow him the opportunity to live as he chooses. No doubt, he’ll receive far less accolades for his choice(s) than Bruce Jenner did for his.
    “ So while I’m sorry for the way you were treated in school-
    It’s also the case that kids in general are just mean in groups. We can’t expect schoolkids to live up to the peace and love ideals of their Woodstock-era parents.”

    My point was less the treatment by the kids, and more towards the SYSTEMIC FAILURE of the schools, which enabled the actions to take place. Abraham Lincoln is stated that “The philosophy of the schoolroom in one generation is the philosophy of government in the next.”, and it is sadly self-evident that he was right. Those in possession of cold, hardhearted socially unacceptable depravity were never dealt with. What should have been strangled in the cradle, was watered and fed instead, and now look at our corrupt, barbaric and tyrannical government. And that system and that failure continues to this day. The system failed the young AHS student in 1999. He had a choice, turn it outwards like Columbine, or inwards. He chose inwards, and his statement was loud and clear. You don’t sit at the front entrance of a school, douse yourself with gasoline and flick a lighter, without making a statement. Undoubtedly, the 35 year old Houston Texan who was the catalyst, didn’t get it, but I did, and it ultimately allowed me to see Delegate Rob Bell initiate, and Governor Mark Warner sign legislation to give such students a chance.
    “Sorry, Hank, but it’s one thing to stand for conservative values, some of which I share. It’s another to traffic in stereotypes about conservatives being the salt of the earth and liberals destroying it. When you talk like that, you’re in the grip of prejudice. “ Am I? Was Ronald Reagan in the grips of prejudice when he successfully brought down the Berlin Wall and annihilated the communist Soviet Union without firing a shot? He was animated by his experiences with communism. Every book I have read regarding Reagan has one salient point in common. His experience as an actor and as president of SAG, when he was threatened by communists, to have his face cut or splashed with acid, if he didn’t back down. He didn’t. Instead, it fueled his passion to destroy it, and well, he ultimately did. Is that prejudice or is that being committed to opposing a system one knows is wrong? There is the difference.

  7. Hank, let them ridicule Pence, who cares? Don’t be so thin-skinned.

    Can you remember a society when blacks couldn’t vote, most women were relegated to low wage and low responsibility jobs, and gays lived in fear of their lives? Liberals bear much of the responsibility for the ills you mention, but liberals are also responsible for fighting conservatives and winning greater freedom for many American citizens whom God loves and you guys (practically speaking) don’t.

    Was Ronald Reagan in the grips of prejudice when he successfully brought down the Berlin Wall and annihilated the communist Soviet Union without firing a shot?

    Even for a conservative this is simplistic. Have you forgotten John Paul II and Lech Walesa? Have you forgotten how sick people in communist countries were of that system?

  8. Ken, if I employ the equivalent logic and criteria, then would it not be as equally cavalier and reasonable for me to state , with equal status, ” Let them ridicule Jenner, Takei, Lambert, etc, etc, who cares, don’t be so thin skinned.” Discerning reasoning demands that you cannot have it both ways. It is either a “Who cares” attitude for all, or it is open season on everyone. You cannot pick and choose. To do so is wrong, hateful and defies reasoning. Either it is acceptable for Mike Pence and the like, to lead their lives as they see fit, void of any criticism, as liberals say we are supposed to do for blacks, gays and women, or those who are criticized and scorned by that same party of tolerance, must gird themselves and be prepared to accept the same width and depth of criticism, as they themselves dispense. There is no other reasonable alternative.

    The philosophy of liberalism(humanism) has long been a suitor to man’s pride. It boasts in his natural strength and wisdom, and woos him with promises of grand accomplishments now, and heaven later. God himself has scattered such Babel-builders and proclaimed His preeminence for eternity. Confounded for ever be such sons of pride, who trust in the power of nature as though man with his own brick and mortar of natural abilities were able to make a way to heaven. Those in a natural state, would they become wise to salvation? Then first become fools in their own eyes. Renounce this corrupt and carnal wisdom which fails to perceive spiritual things, and beg the divine wisdom of God, who freely gives without rebuke. Can you in all seriousness, stand behind the statement that women, blacks and gays are all experiencing greater freedom now, thanks to the efforts of liberalism? Greater freedom? To do what? Greater freedom to sin? The statistical abstracts do not reflect this freedom. The psychologists and therapists couches don’t reflect this freedom. If media reports are to be believed, women today are far more lonely, less fulfilled, experiencing higher degrees of depression and showing a growing trend in heart disease, suicide and substance abuse. Blacks are freer thanks to liberalism? One need not even consult the statistical abstracts to observe the self-evident success of this freedom. Fatherlessness, school drop out rates, crime and incarceration rates, substance abuse rates, ad nauseam. And then, and perhaps the worst of all, is the LGBTQIA community, freed by liberalism. I know not how others prioritize their spiritual convictions, but I know the correct order for me. Requiring a government, any government, but certainly our government, which was founded upon the most paramount of Judeo-Christian paradigms, to provide absolution, legitimacy and promotion to the sin of sexual deviancy, is the ultimate of perversions. These people are not free. Indeed, all liberalism has accomplished, is to increase the temperature in Hell’s foundry and speed the production of the spiritual shackles of bondage around the necks, arms, legs and hearts of Gods children. This is supported both by substantive statistical data as well as personal testimony of those who have been rescued from the fires of this issue.

    Like every other philosophy, ideology and practice of government that has ever been attempted by man, which leaves out the power and recognition of God, and the saving grace of His son, Jesus Christ, liberalism is doomed to join the long list residing in history’s dust pan. Ultimately the biggest tragedy is the needless heartache and loss of life required to get there. I find it perplexing beyond measure how others categorize their priorities, but before I am a father, a husband or a patriot, I am a follower of Christ. For the past thirty-six years, I’ve not allowed anything nor anyone to supersede that most important aspect of my being. When I discernably observe an organization, a party, a business or a nation, standing in diametric opposition to this, I have not, cannot, and will not, stand in defense of it, if it stands against my Savior. If you truly believe that America is better now, and freer now, than it was from all our yesterdays, then I shudder to think how you would define tyranny. In both the spiritual and civil governance realms. My eyes fail to see it.

  9. Since the outcry and the weeping and gnashing of teeth over the President’s travel ban, and the enforcement of immigration control, the mask has been yanked from the faces of the globalists and the elitists, whom I will refer to as Globelitists. Hillary’s defeat was also a defeat for the Globelitists, who seek a world without borders

    Is it possible many of the people you think want a world without borders actually have other motives, even biblically-commanded motives? I’ve been trying for a long time to understand how a Christian could oppose welcoming immigrants who are fleeing violence. Here are just a few Bible verses that specifically mention immigrants. Can you tell me why they don’t apply today? I am honestly trying to understand your thinking.

    “The LORD your God is the God of all gods and Lord of all lords, the great, mighty, and awesome God who doesn’t play favorites and doesn’t take bribes. He enacts justice for orphans and widows, and he loves immigrants, giving them food and clothing. That means you must also love immigrants because you were immigrants in Egypt” – Deuteronomy 10:17-19

    “You must not oppress foreigners. You know what it’s like to be a foreigner, for you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt” – Exodus 23:9

    “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God” – Leviticus 19:33-34

    “When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands. When you beat the olives from your trees, do not go over the branches a second time. Leave what remains for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow. When you harvest the grapes in your vineyard, do not go over the vines again. Leave what remains for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow” – Deuteronomy 24:19-21

  10. OPPRESS’, verb transitive [Latin appressus, from opprimo; ob and premo, to press.]
    1. To load or burden with unreasonable impositions; to treat with unjust severity, rigor or hardship; as, to oppress a nation with taxes or contributions; to oppress one by compelling him to perform unreasonable service.
    2. To overpower; to overburden; as, to be oppressed with grief.
    3. to sit or lie heavy on; as, excess of good oppresses the stomach.

    SO’JOURNER, noun A temporary resident; a stranger or traveler who dwells in a place for a time. We are strangers before thee and sojourners, as all out father were. I Chron. 29.

    IM’MIGRANT, noun A person that removes into a country for the purpose of permanent residence

    FOR’EIGNER, noun for’aner. A person born in a foreign country, or without the country or jurisdiction of which one speaks. A Spaniard is a foreigner in France and England. All men not born in the United States are to them foreigners, and they are aliens till naturalized. A naturalized person is a citizen; but we still call him a foreigner by birth.

    Leviticus 19: 33-34. I am prohibited from loving the immigrant as I love myself, as currently, the United States government, animated by the liberal left’s seeming resentment of God’s word, PROHIBITS me from sharing that love with the sojourner, foreigner, or immigrant. Christ commands us to take the gospel unto all the world, yet we have all the world endeavoring to enter the United States, and I cannot share the gospel with it. Neither can any of the church or religious organizations I mention in my piece. So, it would seem that the only love being demonstrated in this scenario, is the love of money.

    No where in the Bible, does God expect His people to feed and clothe and support a peoples who are refusing to assimilate into the lands in which they are attempting to sojourn within. Most certainly God does not expect His believers, to relegate the Gospel of the one true God, for the sake of ANY other heresy offered as a religious practice, and certainly not one that encourages the savage atrocities as are now self-evident on the daily news.

    Were I to show up on your porch, allegedly fleeing some oppression in my own home. An oppression that I am too cowardly to resist myself, but rather seek to run away from. Now, if you take me in, and I sojourn with you as a foreigner, and make it known that I intend to stay with you perhaps forever. Will you allow me to tell your wife how she must act and behave, and what she will wear? Will you allow me to engage in sexual relations with your daughters, and from reports from the battlefield, sons as well? Will you allow me to dictate to you what the menu must now be, how the food is to be prepared and oh, bye the way, you must pay for it as well? This is of course rhetorical, as we both know the answer. If this applies to our home, then it most certainly applies to the country our home is in.

    The only way to change hearts, anyone’s heart and with this, their behavior, is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They very Gospel that we expelled from schools in 1963, and have been chasing out of every vestige of our culture and society since. How then are these sojourners, and foreigners to be assimilated into our way of life then, when the very precept our country was predicated upon, is not allowed to be shared. Indeed, the very oppression that God commands His children not to display, is by its very definition, being poured out upon “We The People”

    In order for a substantive or constructive discussion to transpire, there must be at least some semblance of common ground. I’ve made it abundantly clear the fountainhead from which the waters of my life emanate, and the hierarchal order of my allegiances. It would seem that we’ve not been able to establish such common ground, and it would seem that any further labors on my part would be serving as a paradigm of Matthew 7:6. Given this, I see no further logic in my continuing to endeavor to make a point, when the facts screaming in the night and piercing the darkness is refused to be acknowledged. Blessings to you.

  11. No where in the Bible, does God expect His people to feed and clothe and support a peoples who are refusing to assimilate into the lands in which they are attempting to sojourn within.

    There are of course many Biblical passages in which God both demonstrates and commands compassion. Remember, after all, the compassion he has shown us. It’s hardly necessary to “relegate” one’s personal practice of Christianity to make welcome these people who are fleeing violence. Nor do most refugees refuse to assimilate, unless by assimilate you mean convert to fundamentalist Christianity (which is, historically speaking, a heresy).

    “If someone slaps you on one cheek, turn to them the other also. If someone takes your coat, do not withhold your shirt from them. Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.” – Luke 6:29-30.

    The only way to change hearts, anyone’s heart and with this, their behavior, is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Preach the gospel at ’em, but stop ’em at the borders, is that it? Actions speak louder than words, and when words and actions conflict, the actions cancel out the words.

    Thanks for answering my question, and for the discussion here.


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