Lee Park and Jackson Park—the “offensive” names that shall remain forevermore unspoken—have appeared in a July 8 City Police Department press release.

Surely someone in the Charlottesville Police hierarchy must pay the price for this grievous error.


  1. Nah, someone in city hall will be scouring for and updating every map Just imagine, if everyone had stayed away and let these clown do their thing and head back to where they came from, there would have been no issues. However 1000 people displayed to the public that they have no respect for free speech or any opinion they don’t agree with. Now I will wait for someone to show up here to passionately claim that sometimes exceptions are warranted including civil disobedience. The tear gas must have been potent because they are still crying their poor eyes out about the ‘excessive’ use. What about YOUR excessive behavior?

  2. The loudmouths and rowdies and rudesters were only a small minority of the crowd at the rally. Everyone else, including the large group that marched with the Charlottesville Clergy Collective (see Cville Weekly for a photo of the leaders) was peaceful. The overflow crowd at the Jefferson Center that morning was also peaceful. So were the people at Jack Jouett in the afternoon, and the people at the Pavilion.

    It is dishonest for the Left to pretend that the KKK and other white supremacists represent the views and behavior of most conservatives. It is likewise dishonest for you guys to pretend that the bad actors Saturday represented the majority of the protesters and represent the majority of people who disagree with you politically.

  3. The KKK was given a license to assemble. The 1000 showed up to block it. It speaks for itself. Otherwise we agree

  4. I don’t know what satisfaction you get from saying things video shows to be untrue. A thousand people showed up to protest the Klan. Only a small minority of that crowd attempted to block them from entering the park, and to block them from leaving the parking garage.

  5. Ken, wouldn’t you agree that the ‘small minority’ of which you speak embarrassed themselves and their cause and did more harm than good…AGAIN???!

  6. Yes, I absolutely agree with that. But the harm they did is that some people will honestly confuse them with the peaceful majority, and others will pretend for political purposes that they typified the majority. But the majority were not there to return hate for hate. They were there to stand against hate.

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