A man found murdered near Moores Creek has been unofficially identified as Marvin Joel Rivera Guevara of El Salvador.

A Spanish-language news website, translated as, El Savaldor, Red Chronicle, has the following alleged details:

  • Guevara left El Salvador for the United States in 2013 in order to earn and send money home to his family
  • He had two jobs: one at a River Road area pizzeria, and the other at a restaurant near McIntire Road
  • Guevara may have been observed days before his murder arguing with “men who looked like gangsters”
  • Guevara did not return home from work on July 3
  • His family was notified of his death by police on July 4
  • The victim’s body had been shot several times and “thrown into a river”
  • A vehicle with suspected ties to the crime has been found “completely burned”

The July 3 incident has been shrouded in mystery as has been the identity of the victim. A GoFundMe page, as reported by the Daily Progress, has been established by Guevara’s family to cover funeral expenses.

The police investigation into Guevara’s death is ongoing.

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