With all the talk of entrance corridors in Albemarle County, and the ongoing governmental concern for what visitors see as they enter the county, somehow the Architectural Review Board missed this, spotted near Rio Hill Shopping Center:

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  1. It’s filth and so is this despicable POS, and I don’t care who he wants to F*&K. I’m not surprised someone would support this while the city is embroiled in a group of right wing protesters coming into town when they they are doing it legally and more than likely peacefully. Stay the hell out of their way and let them have their day and guess what? Nobody even notices. Hypocrisy runs wild in Charlottesville and across the country as agendas and ideology fuel every freaking decision discussion, event, and political decision made.

  2. I think he knows that he can get an emotional response, solidarity, from those who see his sign, and it will increase his incoming donations.

  3. Free speech is one of the prices of a free society that is worth affording. Leave this guy alone unless he’s harming someone

    Many parents driving by with young children consider the sign harmful.

    Al, get real. Some of the hard Lefties coming in may be out for a fight, but we know some on Kessler’s side are. He’s bringing in openly white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups, and a motorcycle gang with a violent history to provide “security.” They have promised violence. When will you guys condemn this rally?

  4. Get real indeed. The left’s motto has always been that civil obedience is justified if the situation calls for it. They have cheered on every left wing radical group known to man and woman. Now a few “white nationalist” and “biker gangs” show up in dear old Charlottesville and the Snowflakes are all in an outrage. I just had to throw in the label “Snowflake” to draw a kneejerk reaction from the folks that throw around “Racist, Bigot, Nazi, White Supremacist, and White Privilege” at the first opportune moment. That’s my finally rant on a peaceful Sunday evening. We have devil’s advocated ourselves to a draw.

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying a peaceful Sunday evening. I’m sure a lot of people would have liked to spend a peaceful Saturday afternoon downtown this weekend, but no such luck, because Kessler’s friends have threatened violence. Violence is not civil disobedience. On the Left, Teresa Sullivan has urged students to stay away from the rally – in other words, to remain peaceful. Who on the Right is urging the same? This is the time to “stand up and be counted.” Who among you has the courage to criticize your own side?

    “Snowflake” is an apt label for people who claim to be seriously harmed by ugly words. But their overreaction doesn’t mean that racism, bigotry, white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers don’t exist. If you don’t believe me, spend this Saturday in Emancipation Park.


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