As a result of ongoing construction at Albemarle County’s Woodbrook Elementary School, neighborhood students have a new directive: don’t walk to school!

A recent communication—from Jamie Gellner, Albemarle County Schools Assistant Transportation Director, to Woodbrook-area parents—cited “safety” concerns as the determining factor in the unanticipated policy change:

Woodbrook families and neighborhood,

In conjunction with your principal, Lisa Molinaro, and Building Services, we have assessed the walkability of your neighborhood to Woodbrook elementary school for the upcoming year. We have found that there are no safe walking paths due to the construction.

Ensuring your child’s safety is our highest priority, therefore we will be adding a bus route for the 2017-18 school year and we will pick up your students and bring them to school while this temporary project occurs. A router from our department will be personally contacting you by August 1st to provide you with your child’s bus number, bus stop, and pick-up and drop-off times, and to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding this change. Your child’s bus information will also be accessible in Parent Portal which will open to all parents on August 11 if you need it

Please call 434-973-5716 with any questions or concerns.


Jamie Gellner
Assistant Director, Transportation

The rambling missive has rattled neighborhood parents who value Woodbrook’s walkability and are concerned about the stated length of disruption.

Albemarle County Public Schools has not released the additional transportation costs for the new bus route.


  1. Ah, so they can tell us what to do not only whilst at school BUT now their authority extends to how we move from our front door to said school. A couple of parents should “walk” from the neighborhood to the school and do their own “safety assessment.” Then fight it, like an appeal.

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