The Albemarle County School Division apparently has been the victim of a fake eclipse-viewing glasses purchase.

An email distributed to select ACPS employees, by “Robbie Munsey” warns end-users to halt distribution of the suspect glasses and collect those already distributed:

Good Afternoon,

In learning of the risks of counterfeit solar eclipse glasses, we worked with UVA’s Physics and Optics Department. A series of tests were done on the glasses that the division has distributed to all schools. The results are that we most likely purchased counterfeit solar eclipse glasses. While the glasses have the correct stamps, codes and uses the name of a reputable company the protective lenses do not perform to the same level as the official company states on their website. Our current glasses test in the 4.5-4.7 range of neutral density, however the real company sells glasses at 5.0 or higher of neutral density. While this may meet the minimum requirements, we are deeming the solar glasses and not to be used.

If you have distributed the solar glasses to staff, please collect them. If you still have the solar glasses, please hold onto them and do not distribute. Staff members planning on viewing the eclipse with other glasses or homemade versions should use extreme caution. We have contacted local optometrists who recommended not taking the risk of viewing the exlipse, regardless of wearing any type of glasses due to high risks of eye damage.

We apologize for the last minute information and recall of solar eclipse glasses. While our intention was to provide a way for the division to enjoy this event, safety is our number one concern.


Robbie Munsey

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