This loving display of tolerance and peace was spotted on the UVa Lawn.  There are many blatant inconsistencies here, but focusing on the most obvious: apparently, at “Mother” Teresa Sullivan’s University of Virginia, directing an F-bomb toward an individual does not qualify as hatred.


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  1. Children of all ages occasionally pass by this door.

    Lawn residents represent the premier undergraduate students at UVa.

    This is a crass and garrish offense to what was once an uplifting privilege.

    UVa Arch ’81

  2. It’s all part of the “resistance” Arch. I wish we could convert all the self righteous indignation in our parts of today’s society into a viable product. The proceeds should pay off a sizable chunk of our national debt. ;)

  3. It’s all part of the “resistance” Arch. “Whatever it takes” sounds noble until those with opposing views elect to adopt the same principle. Keep it going around and it will surely come around. Hopefully a change at the very top will lead to reevaluation of UVA’s current implimentation of free speech limitations.
    Just imagine the reaction if such a sign had been posted 18 months ago.

  4. Looks like the president has a lgbtqurtuv admirer. This person seems to want to have sex with the president. LOL

  5. It looks like Northram is off to a roaring start bringing about unity. Sitting beside him was the original hate filled bigot that is the root cause of the rally. This shows how much 95% of those assigning blame know or care about the events leading up to 8/12. They are either blissfully ignorant or don’t give a rat’s ass. The best path to a rinse and repeat of the event is to label anyone that disagrees with the Charlottesville City Council’s thuggish decision making process is to label them Nazis, bigots, racists, or all the above.

  6. 1) Thugs operate by violence. The City Council obviously doesn’t.

    2) Bellamy’s effort to remove a symbol of white supremacy (read your history if you don’t believe that’s what it was put there for) did not cause today’s white supremacists to show up here. They are free moral agents. They made a choice, and a bad one.

    3) Hate isn’t working to remove symbols of oppression, it’s demonizing people who do.

  7. Happy New Year Al! They are neither ignorant nor apathetic. Blindly brazen might be a better adjective. They know full well that the press and libs nationwide, in their hate for the occurrence of November 2016 and what it represents, are on their side. The police chief was made a sacrificial lamb, Szakos and her ilk will continue to spew their hate under the guise of “tolerance” whilst trying to squash any meaningful debate, and (hopefully) the buffoons will continue the “see if it sticks” strategy, this time working on mental fitness.

    In the meantime, my pharma stocks are doing quite well (thank you), the two Koreas are actually sitting down to talk (surprise how strength works…even though the libs like Walter Pincus will minimize the administration’s role in getting to this point), we may finally be getting to the bottom of the scum-filled pond that is called the Clintons, and Dems are desperate enough to fling racist Oprah into the fray for 2020.

    Wanna know what’s really crazy? When the illness and incapacitation of HRC are revealed in the next 18 months, we will be faced with the reality that, if November 2016 had turned out differently, there was a good chance homegrown peter-principle icon Tim Kaine would have been president. As Count Floyd said: “Scary, kids!”

  8. Ken, the city council indirectly caused the violence you speak of. As for those statues and white supremacy, rubbish. You’re pulling crap out of your butt by stating that was and is their primary purpose. White Supremacy is a liberal straw man and so is White Privilege. They are made up racist labels in an attempt to blame the world’s problems on whitey. I support those statues the same as I would a MLK statue in the same park and I am sure as hell not a supremacist nor am I privileged. Have you noticed that a majority of the people that claim to be anti-privilege are flaming examples of the very thing they are railing about.

  9. I don’t believe you believe what you’re saying, Al, and hypocrisy on the Left doesn’t lessen hypocrisy on your own side. Everyone who’s read the history knows those statues were erected to justify an unjust war and to show African-Americans who was boss. You do too.

  10. Anyone who has read history in depth knows precisely what the Civil War was about. Now, can someone tell me what LBJ’s “War on Poverty” was about, speaking of unjust wars affecting blacks. If anyone has any trouble, just read Sen. Daniel Moynihan’s (D-NY) prescient report on the War on Poverty. You’ll quickly divine the motives behind good ol’ LBJ’s so-called “Great Society.” Whilst I disagreed with much of Moynihan’s politics (he was not a senator when he wrote this report in the 1960s), he was spot on with this study.

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