by: Tim Griffith

Atta Boy Mr. Trump; call it like you see it!

I hope President Trump really did say that. It would mean he thinks like a normal human being. For nearly 50 years I have personally used and heard those exact words to describe Haiti and most of the countries on the African continent as well as many other countries around the world. If you visit any of them you come home saying the same thing. Those countries got that title and the contempt of the rest of the world the old fashion way: they’ve earned it.

All it takes is a casual look into the conditions of those countries coupled with the way they’re governed to reach a conclusion that makes those words so very appropriate. Those countries earn the contempt of anyone that cares to examine the subject. For those who want to say the words of that title are “racist” or “elitist” I say, “go there and have a look.”

I’d also add that everyone in the world completely understands exactly why and how such titles (and the emotions and attitudes conveyed in them) are applied. The primary emotion in that title is exasperation mixed with contempt for those countries—and especially their governments. As a group they lament their situations without any thought towards addressing the causes of their problems. It’s a fact of life that you cannot solve a problem without doing something about the cause. The greatest exasperation and contempt should be aimed at the people who consider unkind language more important than making serious inroads towards correcting the situations that bring-on the unkind remarks.

There is a very simple way to halt the rest of the world from describing your country as a spit hole: stop being a spit hole! Show the rest of the world that we are wrong. Show us SOMETHING that might change our justified opinion. For anyone at all that doesn’t like the unkind opinions popularly held for your country or your people, the way out is exactly the same. Stop being and doing what brings on those unkind opinions. No one else can do it for you.

The people of the world don’t get together and just decide to say unkind things about a country. They say what they see. If a country can be reasonably thought of as a spit hole, only that country can change that. It’s foolish to think you can change an opinion by just labeling the opinion as “racist.” The unkind language might diminish but the truth will not have changed. The cause of the problem is where to make the change.

There it is. A one word recipe to solve a country’s problems…CHANGE! Change what it is that brings on those unkind thoughts. That is the only way out for countries that are…”spit holes.”

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  1. This is nothing more than democrats seeing an opportunity or making one up whichever the case maybe. The phony self righteousness that oozes out of DC like raw sewage should be apparent and sickening to all Americans. I include Republicans like Graham and Ryan in that comment. With race baiters like Lewis, Harris, and others whose only worthwhile value is to represent their black constituents by yelling “racism” at every opportunity there is no hope for that place. I find it ironic that liberals and pundits continually call out Trump for attacking the media when Obama did the exact same thing to Fox News and nary a complaint was heard. Liberals reacted gleefully when O’Reilly and others were fired for sexual discrimination. Now it’s Hollywood and the liberal MSM that is being exposed as equally misogynistic or even worse. I maintain that we will eventually see open conflict or a divided nation that splits up unless one side achieves political dominance over a substantial period. The last time that happened, we had a civil war. We need to return more control and autonomy to the states while telling them to mind their own damn business and keep their ideologies within their borders. Live and let live should be our motto.

  2. Trump’s constant lies have been documented all over the place, Al. When the media calls them out, Trump calls them fake, and you guys pretend to agree with him. The two biggest problems with our politics are a) an unwillingness to obey Jesus’ command to “love your enemy” (“Those countries earn the contempt”) and b) disingenuousness: lying, lying to oneself, and playing dumb, which is just another form of lying (Trump-isn’t-racist). Is the Right worse than the Left or is the Left worse than the Right? It’s hard to say and it hardly matters.

  3. Your guest editorial missies the cause of the outrage … yes, these countries are in a mess. (This does not excuse the use of a profanity from the President.) But this man is talking about the people of those countries – why do we have so many, let’s send them back, can we have some whites from Norway? And that is Racism – defining people by the color of their skins. There is undeniable and abundant evidence that this is a fundamental part of his psyche (Birthism, Mexicans etc.) Today (remembering MLK) in particular, it is especially humiliating to hear such hatred expressed from the highest office. Of course he denies it, but he is a chronic liar. His supporters love it because they are just as racist. To be blunt: the president is a blatant racist.

  4. This is a pretty simple equation: the lawmakers with whom Trump met recently to craft immigration legislation were instructed to address four main points. Seasoned swamp denizens that they are, they returned to the Oval Office with an insulting piece of proposed legislation, including $1 billion for a border wall (a meager amount, to say the least). Trump freaked out and probably uttered some profanities, among them calling something for what it is. He did NOT mean the people, as Peter Smith posits above. There is no evidence of that; I would suspect if an award-winning Nigerian architect with a gold resume of achievements and a tough business sense were to interview with Trump about a position in his business org, the person would be invited to work for Trump. Now those African nations–mostly due to horrific corruption and a failure of the citizenry to reform the nations–are dumps. After this meeting, a legislator who–like the previous president–was nurtured and groomed in the most corrupt political organization in the nation (Chicago Dem politics) decided to broadcast selected statements from that private meeting. Durbin even spoke silly statements about “the sanctity of speech in the Oval Office.” Funny, Dick.

    Having said all that, Trump spent about three decades in the most diverse and hostile business environment one could work: New York-area real estate. In these entire three years of campaigning and serving as president, there has not been one charge of racism against Trump serious enough to warrant anything but conjecture and partisan faux outrage. Do you really think that a hard-a** man who rose to the top of that industry over three decades, making lots of enemies (as well as allies), would not have been outed by now?

    Now, Peter Smith, FYI, people from Norway really aren’t breaking down the doors to come here, unlike people from, say, Cuba, El Salvador, Somalia, etc. Why do you think that is? Why do you think Trump specifically cited Norway (allegedly) in this closed-door conversation? Why didn’t he say, for example, Germany or Italy or Australia? Why Norway?


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