When it comes to Police Chiefs—and law enforcement, in general—Charlottesville has had a rough go lately.

First, it was the 2016 retirement of Charlottesville Police Chief Tim Longo, who successfully helmed his department for fifteen years.

Next, it was the disastrous tenure and subsequent sudden vacation of Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas, who oversaw the destruction and death surrounding the events of August 12—and the chaotic aftermath.

Then came interim Charlottesville Police Chief Thierry Dupuis, recently retired from Chesterfield County, and anxious to leave the untenable Charlottesville position at his earliest convenience.

However, in the wake of this ongoing uncertainty, the tortuous covert search for a new Charlottesville Police Chief is nearing an end. Potential candidates reportedly are traveling here for interviews with the City’s super secret “interview panels,” City Manager Maurice Jones, and the Charlottesville City Council.

Exclusive to The Schilling Show, leaked from deep within the bowels of Charlottesville City Hall, here is the unconfirmed list of final candidates for Charlottesville Chief of Police:

  • Steve Drew
  • Patrick Gallagher
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Michael Kopy
  • Grayling Williams
  • Michael Yaniero

UPDATE 4/16/2018 2:59 PM: Sources within Charlottesville City Hall inform The Schilling Show that Michael Yaniero is no longer being considered for the Police Chief position. And, due to criticism over the lack of female applicants making the final cut, Kimberly Lettner has been added to the City Manager’s short list of interviewees.


UPDATE 2 4/19/2018 9:25 AM: Interviews for Charlottesville Police Chief are being held today. The latest unconfirmed list of interviewees follows:

  • RaShall Brackney
  • Steve Drew
  • Patrick Gallagher
  • Michael Kopy
  • Kimberly Lettner
  • Grayling Williams


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  1. How many white police chiefs has Charlottesville had, and how many African-American chiefs? Assuming each of these six candidates is well qualified – or else why are they being considered at all? – why not choose the African-American?

  2. Or, it could be the woman? If she is black, it’s a slam dunk. ;) Personally I think anyone looking to take the job must be foolish or desperate.

  3. Brackney is the libs’ dream come true: correct ethnic group, correct gender, academic with tons of liberal education. Now, hopefully, they screened her tenure and abrupt resignation from her previous job.

  4. Brackney is the hire. Congratulations to Forbes Kennedy for predicting the, well, predictable result.

    Another “historic hiring” which Charlottesville loves.

    I’ve done some web searching about her abrupt resignation from George Washington University and some accusations made about her. It made for interesting reading.

  5. Carole, I do have one apology…Brackney is not an “academic.” She did not get her Bachelor’s until 2009, well into her police career; I suppose you could call her a “lifelong learner.”

    Now, having said that, I am not sure how her tenure in Cville will go. On paper, she is Council’s dream come true. In day-to-day dealings–with UVa, council, community members–those devils may come out in the details.

    I always find it interesting how the paradox shows in 21st Century policing. Politicians try to hire and publicize “touchy-feely” community policing advocates who believe in “getting out and engaging the community.” Simultaneously, departments are: a) becoming hyper-militarized; b) hyper-aggressive; c) putting more innocent people in jail; d) less transparent; e) confiscating more property in the bogus civil forfeiture craze. In other words, what we are being sold is the opposite of what our tax money is buying.

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