Cultural Marxism is alive and well at Western Albemarle High School (WAHS).

First it was the school’s explicit sexual (how-to) education of young girls with out parental consent or knowledge.

Now, a sign purporting to “welcome” students to a WAHS AP History classroom, instead promotes certain classes and deprecates others, in open violation of school policies:

  • “Immigrants” are championed, but not native-born Americans
  • Non-reproductive sexuality is extolled, while Biblically based family structure is forsaken
  • “People of Color” are loved, apparently more so than people of no color
  • Undefined “disability” seems to be a favored state
  • “Muslims” specifically are lauded; Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc. are not mentioned
  • “Women” are worthy of welcome; men, not so much
  • “Survivors of Sexual Assault” are supported, but victims of other crimes are relegated

The sign’s final topic statement, “We love and respect all members of our school,” could have stood well on its own. In context, however, that phrase is belied by the exclusivity of the antecedent proclamations.

The messaging here is straight from the Cultural Marxism playbook:

Cultural Marxism sees culture as a main cause for many different kinds of inequalities:

  • Race (Whites/non-Whites)
  • Culture (Western/non-Western)
  • Family (nuclear family/non-nuclear family)
  • Religion (Christianity/atheism and religious minorities)
  • Gender (men/women)
  • Sexual orientation (heterosexual/LGBT)

Cultural Marxism places great emphasis on analyzing, controlling, and changing the popular culture, the popular discourse, the mass media, and the language itself. Seeing culture as often having more or less subconscious influences on people, which create and sustain inequalities, Cultural Marxists themselves often try to remove these inequalities by more or less subtle manipulation and censorship of culture.

At best, this sign does not truly welcome all; its leftist political undercurrent is patently obvious and openly hostile to foundational American ideology—and those who embrace it.

At worst, it is a violation of several Albemarle County Public Schools policies.

Nondiscrimination Guidelines,” as published by the School Board, states:

The Albemarle County School Division shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, ancestry, age, marital status, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law in the educational programs or activities which it operates.

The implicit extension of favored status to certain distinct groups over others in a public school classroom clearly is discriminatory.

Religion In The Schools,” as published by the School Board, states:

No religious belief or systems denying or objecting to belief should be promoted by the school division and none should be disparaged.

The promotion of a specific religious belief is conspicuous in this poster.

Equity Education,” as published by the School Board, states:

The Albemarle County School Board is committed to adopting procedures to ensure an equitable school community inclusive of diversity in race, ethnicity, language, gender, cultural values, and family belief systems.

The messaging of the classroom poster displays an extremely narrow type of “diversity” and in fact is a mirror image of true equity.

While the willingness of the Albemarle County School Board to enforce its own policies in these instances is uncertain, the mandate to do so is clear.

It also is clear that Cultural Marxists have government schools firmly in their grip. In seizing this power of indoctrination, the overlords have made manifest that some students, some affiliations, some beliefs or points of view in Albemarle County are more equal than others.

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. You mean like “separate but equal,” John? There’s your answer.

    Once you guys quit telling yourselves that Islam is a violent religion, then they should say it your way. Once you’re willing to listen to Judge Kavanaugh’s accusers with an open mind and not look for reasons to dismiss them. Once you’re willing to empathize with immigrants, legal or illegal. Once you have compassion for sinners and remember your own sin when you condemn theirs. Once you admit the obvious fact that culture has subconscious influence, and that bad cultural memes (black people are inferior, Islam is a violent religion, gays are just bad people) have created and sustained inequalities. Once you quit calling education “indoctrination” and falling for your own silly rhetoric.

    Oh, and maybe once you quit trying to analyze, control, and change popular culture, popular discourse, the mass media, and the language itself – in other words, maybe once you give up FOX, Hannity, the Drudge Report and the Schilling Show. Maybe once the structure of your families is Biblically-based (you know, with polygamy and concubines) and you forsake non-reproductive sexuality (no more use of the pill, condoms, etc. – we’ll know by your large families).

    The school is making a point of welcoming certain groups of people because these groups have historically been discriminated against and told – both subtly and straight out – that they’re inferior to the rest of us. Who in many cases still tells them that? You guys.

  2. Things like this are not new for Western Albemarle, the school since the 1980’s has been promoting ideas inconsistent with many families who are conservative, believe in accurate historical education, and try to promote religious values in their homes. This doesn’t surprise me at all, but I continue mourn the current example of the bias in our schools.

  3. Showing respect for groups which have been disrespected and/or treated as second-class citizens is contrary to some people’s religious values apparently. But for people who read the Bible, it’s obeying God’s commands to love one’s neighbor and to do him justice.

  4. Watchu you mean do “him” justice Ken? Careful or you’ll have your Social Justice Warrior credentials revoked. As a man you need to shut up and step up.

  5. Well, this is truly the bizarro world. So, an ideology that played a major role in the single worst attack on U.S. soil in modern times is now a protected class in a public school.

    And other than castigating the Catholic religion as a whole, I never saw the left rally in support of documented victims of priest abuse (which has been documented en masse for at least 15 years); never saw posters at school saying they are welcome. Never saw such posters about sexual abuse when Brodderick, et. al. were making their much-more-substantive accusations against WJC. I reckon it is now in vogue among leftists (ahem, public schools) because it is a right-winger in the crosshairs.

    Anyone truly honest knows this is purely a left-leaning, feel good poster, containing meaningless platitudes. One needs to first start with the premise that public school educators are not the sharpest tools in the shed. These are people with Master’s degrees and, in many cases, Ed.D. degrees, who eschew critical judgement and assessment skills in lieu of zero tolerance policies. These are people who complain about common core and then happily take federal money to pay for bloated bureaucracies, who gladly place people in made-up positions to give them something to do–at a high salary–to pad their pension in the last few years of their career.

    It is common knowledge–and I have lived in four different cities in the U.S. (eastern) that the most repulsive political bodies are school boards. Self-important and often made up of–you guessed it–former public school worker-bees. That is why the homeschool movement is so robust in this nation.

    But, in the long-term (10 to 20 years), a lot of this will be moot. Students in all grades will begin moving towards online education, attending a brick-and-mortar school will be marginalized, teachers will become less important except for checking work, and parents might–just might–get more of their rights restored.

    BTW, someone sure put Kensy-Wensy into a tizzy with their comment. Roy Rogers should present the “Trigger Award” for that one. Now, off to your safe-space, sir. You need to prepare for August 12, 2019!

  6. Oops, forgot to mention (I know, brevity is the soul of wit)…
    This poster was likely not created at WAHS but, rather, some NEA or other national union propaganda. I noticed what looks like a printers’ union or some other union seal at the bottom of the poster; so, predictably, it was brainless educators just taking free stuff to parrot some agenda coming from a higher up.

    If you go to the NEA website, you can get a really spiffy poster that says: “Dreamers Welcome…Support Immigration Reform.” They want this because illegal immigrants don’t end up going to St. Anne’s or Woodberry Forest; they go to public schools. This helps bolster the call for more teachers (union members).

    And you say it is not indoctrination!

  7. These are people with Master’s degrees and, in many cases, Ed.D. degrees, who eschew critical judgement and assessment skills.

    You don’t need a Master’s for that, Forbes. All you need is a little determination, as you demonstrate when you conflate a religion of peace with its violent perversion. Your decision to accept an ignorant and false negative stereotype (i.e., a prejudice) also demonstrates the need of formally extending to Muslims the same welcome Anglo white kids have always enjoyed.

    You seem confused about priestly child abuse too (which the Left has been talking about it as long as it’s been public knowledge). It doesn’t take place in public schools.

  8. Um, there are no priests in public schools, Ken.

    A “religion of peace”? Which of the many violent perversions do you mean? Female mutilation? Throwing homosexuals off roofs of buildings? Public stoning? Terrorism? Sorry for the negative stereotyping.

    The left has been talking about it…talking.

    Now, for an example of the brilliance of public schools, search “Tirando, West Palm Beach.” You’ll have a laugh at that one. but it’s just another day in the life of SJWs!

  9. That’s right, there no priests in public schools, Forbes. Ergo priests are not abusing kids in public schools. Ergo schools don’t specifically mention kids abused by priests when they do mention “survivors of sexual assault.”

    Look up “perversion.” It doesn’t mean “showing the true nature of.”

  10. Is it better that the folks abusing kids in public schools are called government employees? Or do you think child molestation and sexual interaction between educators and students is not an issue when it is carried out by government educators?

    I am supremely confident in saying that I would have to use an abundance of caution in my kids dealing with priests and those who fervently support the Catholic “church,” not because I believe all the priests are molesters but–rather–because I need to wonder if those people knew and kept silent. It is pretty clear that a significant number of them did.

    And I have the same attitude about Islam. Except there I worry about other types of “abuses.”

    What is the true nature of Islam?

  11. What’s the point of your questions besides changing the subject, Forbes? The poster explicitly welcomes “survivors of sexual assault.” Likewise, whether or not you trust Muslims or Catholics has nothing to do with whether it should be OK to bully and otherwise disrespect Muslim, Catholic, and other minority kids, which is the question this poster addresses. What’s your argument? A small minority of adult Muslims are violent and a small minority of Catholics priests are dangerous, so let’s not extend the hand of Christian welcome to Muslim and Catholic schoolkids?? Yes, that’s the logic of your argument.

    Just how much narcissism and lack of basic human empathy does it take to object to welcoming people who’ve often been ostracized and persecuted, and to take that welcome as an attack on one’s own group? Contrary to what this blog post says, the poster doesn’t “deprecate” any other group of people – it doesn’t even mention them by name. What it does say is “We love and respect all members of our school.”

    “Cultural Marxism,” LOL. If that’s Marx, maybe he’s not so bad after all.


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