Embattled and controversial Charlottesville City Councilor, Wes Bellamy, may have waited too long—and overestimated his own popularity—in his bid for reelection.

Recent reports from deep inside the nascent Bellamy campaign indicate the potential candidate is more than 75 signatures short of the 125 signatures necessary for him to participate in the upcoming Democratic Primary. Today, March 28, is the deadline for submission of Democrat candidate petition signatures and paperwork to the Charlottesville Registrar of Voters.

Sources at First Baptist Church on West Main Street, Mr. Bellamy’s home parish, cite a less-than-successful bid to collect signatures there, two weekends ago. Many of those solicited declined to put their names to Bellamy’s petition.

In 2015, Bellamy campaigned as a uniter, describing himself as, “a believer in teamwork, who wants to ‘build bridges’ across the divides in Charlottesville.”

The reality of Mr. Bellamy’s tenure has been far different than its promise. Four years of chaos —contentious City Council meetings, racist and homophobic tweets, public disparagement of citizens, economic loss, sanctuary jails, multiple recall efforts, undermining law enforcementillegal votes , political extortion, and of course, A-12—may finally have caught up with Bellamy, as the winds of public support are blowing in a new direction.

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  1. I pray you are correct and holds true.
    My best guess thought is the signatures will magically appear or another option for him to run will be devised.

  2. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!! After his stint as city councilor is over the thieves on city council will put him in charge of administering all these millions of dollars that the racists have stolen from the taxpayers for this “Equity package” (AKA as reperation funds for blacks only)….

  3. ROFL! This is one of many victories.. Wes dont foget your getting sued personally for the monuments. To crush all and any dream he has for public office in the future should be at the top of everyone’s list. Head back to SOuth Carolina Wes… Maybe you can beat up and assault some more cops too.

  4. Didn’t he present this as a personal decision in order to spend time with his daughters? We have not heard the last from World Wide Wes (The real WWW is some dude that acts as a guru to the hoops superstars). Our Wes has friends in high, or low depending on your perspective, places. He moving on up to the bigtime. Moving on up that activist ladder in the sky. Moving on up to the bigtime, gonna get him a bigger piece of revolution pie.

  5. Bellamy can draw hundreds to hear him speak, has 2954 followers on Facebook and 11.9k followers on Twitter, but can’t get 125 signatures on a petition. Go figure. Or just figure the proposition is ridiculous.

  6. Bellamy will probably be hired at Walton Middle School.
    They love him and named him a student Role Model.


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