Flush political philanthropist, S. Sonjia Smith, has gifted $50,000 to the campaign of Democrat Jim Hingeley, in what appears to be one of the largest donations of its kind for the office of Commonwealth’s Attorney.

Smith—the spousal beneficiary of a hedge-fund-husband—has cash to lavish, previously having supported Soros-adoptee and former Fifth District Congressman, Tom Perriello, to the tune of $650,000 in his recent gubernatorial run.

Hingeley, a former public defender, is challenging incumbent Albemarle Commonwealth’s Attorney, Robert Tracci, who is a Republican.


  1. I feel that I must take issue with the characterization of “Law for Sale”. It is my understanding that a Commonwealth Attorney is charged with the duties of prosecuting violations of criminal law in the districts in which they are elected. There is nothing in the article or in the public domain to suggest that Ms. Smith has any family or friends that are currently being prosecuted. Perhaps she is of the opinion that Mr. Hingeley would be a more qualified prosecutor that the current Commonwealth Attorney.
    In full disclosure, I have also given a donation to Mr. Hingeley. I did so because I believe he possesses the experience and qualities needed to effectively do the job. I think it is indecorous to disparage Mr. Hingeley’s long and distinguished career by suggesting that he is being bought by a donation. I think it is also unfair to disparage Ms. Smith merely because she has made an open and public donation to someone she feels is qualified. It is my understanding that she is generous to many candidates and causes in which she believes. I see no fault in that.

  2. I realize this post is a bit out of date but Lewis and I have a different POV on this article. Ms Smith is absolutely buying favorable legislation that supports her social ideology. A commonwealth’s attorney chooses which cases to focus on. Many of those cases are not criminal but are about what a citizen is allowed to do. Therefore Sonja Smith is supporting a candidate that favors a liberal interpretation of the law. Yes, it is perfectly legal and above board but the amounts are extraordinary for this region. How often does one donor contribute $500,000 to a candidate for governor. When one donor has this kind of financial clout in many cases they are said to “run the place”. I believe Mrs Smith simply would like to mold Albemarle and Charlottesville into a progressive community.

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