Former Charlottesville City Councilor Bob Fenwick is at it again.

Following a recent Schilling Show exposé of the five-time City Council candidate’s illegal campaign sign (no attribution) on Locust Avenue, that sign briefly disappeared then reappeared with the proper attribution.

Now, candidate Fenwick again has posted illegal signs—this time, in his own yard!

Perhaps (but very unlikely) Fenwick has campaign money to burn. Or maybe he just neglected to consult fellow Democrat, Albemarle County Supervisor Ned Gallaway, who in 2018 paid a $400 penalty for a similar transgression during his 2017 campaign.


  1. You are very astute. However, it is not legal to do illegal things, even on your own property.

  2. Is that really his property? It appears to be a public sidewalk that the city actually controls meaning they can fine the heck out of Mr Fenwick if he does not keep it clear and unobstructed.

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