Dr. Charles Battig brings grass-roots level climate-related educational efforts to the to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors at their twice-monthly meetings via a continuing series of three-minute Power Point presentations.

He holds a M.D. degree and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and has been an active voice in examining the science behind various political and pseudoscience claims made regarding climate related issues since 2007.

In this December 4, 2019 Ppt before the Albemarle BOS, Dr. Battig presents an overview of the media’s use of increasingly scary words to attempt to portray the natural and eternal global climate change as a man-made event. The media uses emotional hucksterism devoid of science.


  1. Unstated logical premises in this presentation (in other words, if these things aren’t true, what is stated isn’t true either.):

    If the #1 greenhouse gas is good and harmless, other greenhouse gases must be the same.

    Who needs caution? Even if the potential consequences are enormous, we should only act on evidence that has been “proved,” i.e. that not just the vast majority of scientists find convincing, but that no scientist and interest group disputes.

    If the U.N. says it’s true, it must not be.

    Computer models are merely “computer guesses” and should be ignored.

    Because we can’t completely solve the problem, we should do nothing to alleviate it at all.

    If a 16-year-old environmentalist believes all the politically correct history she’s been taught, that just shows climate change is bunk. (And if it was real, why should anyone care if the poor got the worst of it?) Likewise, climate change prophets may go to great efforts to recycle, may buy expensive “sustainable” goods, and may often eat less meat or none at all, but don’t be fooled! It’s smoke-and-mirrors. It’s all about the socialism. Take the catalytic converter off the car and say, “Get your hand outta my pocket!”


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