Years of multi-million dollar surpluses in Charlottesville City Government tell a sad story: citizens and local businesses are grossly overtaxed.

But how about spending? Obviously, it is out of control, yet no person of authority will admit such.

Treading in a place where no elected official or appointed bureaucrat dares go, The Schilling Show has taken a “red pen” to Charlottesville’s FY 2021 Proposed Budget. In this effort, sacred budget cows are not slaughtered, but many are gently eased out to pasture. Using this incremental approach to sane spending reduction, savings in subsequent years could be much greater.

While political cowardice runs amok and individual creativity to approach such “cuts” remains absent, this report may get the budget “ball” rolling, but only if the kingmakers are willing to play.

Here, now, how to save $10M from Charlottesville City’s obscenely bloated budget without really trying:

(NOTE: Click icon at bottom right of spreadsheet for full-screen view)


  1. Unless my eyes are failing me i didn’t see the sister city pgm should be cut out totally. ALL credit cards should be collected and cut up. Do away with the human rights commission. utility billing is reallocating money from those who pay their bills to those who can’t or won’t. Same thing with 900,000 rent subsidy

  2. Surprisingly, the Sister City program was completely defunded in the City Manager’s proposed budget. Not sure it will stay that way…

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