The “lower-thirds” operator at NBC29 must have been snoozing through the June 5 evening broadcast.

The story was about “taking a stand against racial injustice”; the on-screen graphic tells an entirely different story.

Watch the video:

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  1. I am less offended by the stupidity of the television operators then i am about this constant barrage of stories of self hating white liberals who feel thy must prostrate themselves on the cross of racism and flog themselves with the whip of white guilt. The percentage of whites who march for BLM vs blacks who march is about 20 to 1. It is their way to virtue signal and express their white guilt and white privilege.

  2. Disagree Bill, they are not self loathing at all. Self righteous would be a much better description. These people actually hold themselves up to be pure and free from such things as bigotry and racism. WTH does “stand up and be heard” even mean when all they have to offer are platitudes along with parroting nonsensical phrases such as “systemic racism”. What is this vineyard doing to employ young blacks in the community? I suspect you’d be more likely to find illegal Hispanics working their grapevines versus training young local talent in the profession. As for these news people, they are simply mouthpieces to promote the progressive agenda of their employers.


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