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Discrimi-nation: Albemarle County “Lift Grants” institutionalize racism, sexism

Income redistribution scheme based on skin color


Discrimination now is overt in Albemarle County, as local government bureaucrats openly disseminate public funds based on skin color and other questionable criteria.

The County’s Lift Grants are a “relief initiative” meant to assist with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on local businesses.

However, in doling out the dollars, Albemarle County’s ham-fisted efforts at institutionalized equity in actuality are boldly discriminatory, first against certain types of businesses:

Self-employed, home-based businesses, banks and financial operations, non-locally owned and operated franchises, and vape, tobacco, gambling, sex-related industries and weapon manufacturers are ineligible for funding.

Then, Albemarle County goes a step beyond in their selection process by giving “preference” based on race and other government-favored sub-classifications:

Applications will be considered based on qualitative and quantitative data using a scoring matrix with preference given to women, minority, and veteran-owned businesses and the hospitality and tourism, retail, arts, and entertainment industries. Applicants must provide proof of COVID-related impact.

In addition to possible legal quandaries with their race-based predilection, Albemarle County may have stepped into a quagmire in favoring businesses that are “women-owned.” Since government no longer recognizes biological criteria in determining “sex,” theoretically, all applicants could claim to be woman-owned, and thus receive the County’s qualitative scoring bonus.

The Lift Grant application window closed on August 3; winners will be awarded in mid-August.

See Albemarle County’s Lift Grant “scoring matrix”:


  1. So today while applying for the grant I think i’ll be a woman…don’t they call that “gender-fluid”? So technically I wouldn’t be committing fraud…I could walk in singing that Shania Twain song…”Man, i feel like a woman”….

  2. Or “Any man of mine”. I’ll wear my BLM shirt with an image of a bacon, lettuce, and mayonnaise sammich.

  3. Preferring seven different categories besides race hardly constitutes “race-based predilection.” Possible complications in deciding if someone is female is no excuse, given past discrimination, for not making gender one preference to help those who obviously are.


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