Present state of Charlottesville City Government diversity and inclusion:

  • Black City Manager: ✔︎
  • Black Police Chief: ✔︎
  • Black Mayor: ✔︎
  • Black Schools Superintendent: ✔︎

Salary up to $158,018 per year, plus benefits, DOQ.

Your tax dollars at work.

Click here to apply for this position.

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  1. Look at all of the Black leadership listed above in control of an uber-progressive city whose ctizens vote Democrat nearly 90% in every election and which serves as home to a major liberal university. Who are all the alleged racists that they claim infest this overwhemingly left leaning community wherein they are the vast majority and have all the power?

  2. Carole, the racism is systemic. Plant a garden and you will grow racist vegetables. Dear old C’ville should be a great candidate for the Federal Toxic Cleanup Program. Everything from the soil to the air folks breath along with the streets, buildings, and statues that exist must be cleansed of racism down to the microscopic level.


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