In the age of COVID hysteria, much as been said about “loving your neighbor.”

Pseudo-Christians, pagans, and atheists alike are using Biblical passages to compel believers into conforming. Now “masks,” although thoroughly dehumanizing and questionably effective, are becoming the supreme symbol of “love.”

There must be 50 ways to love your neighbor:

  1. Don’t go into a bathroom that doesn’t comport to your biological sex
  2. Don’t promote biological males competing with biological females in sports
  1. Don’t allow biological males into female locker rooms
  1. Don’t drive a car before brain development is complete approximately age 25)
  1. Don’t drive a car past the onset of cognitive decline (approximately age 50)
  1. Don’t use electronic devices when driving
  1. Don’t drive while impaired
  1. Don’t legalize or consume substances that are proven to be detrimental
  1. Don’t take things that belong to someone else
  1. Don’t break things that belong to someone else
  1. Don’t scream into people’s ears with a bullhorn on the Downtown Mall (or anywhere else)
  1. Don’t vandalize, destroy, or remove historical monuments
  1. Don’t paint obscenities on public property
  1. Don’t block roads while protesting
  1. Don’t destroy others peaceful enjoyment of outdoor events with your offensive and loudly abusive “protests”
  1. Don’t demonize people because of their skin color
  1. Don’t teach children that they are somehow guilty because of their skin color
  1. Don’t support the “cancel culture”
  1. Don’t advocate for the abolition of police
  1. Don’t commit violence against political opponents
  1. Don’t subvert election integrity or the voting process
  1. Don’t attempt to silence others because you disagree with their expression
  1. Don’t covet what others have (excessive taxation)
  1. Don’t kill pre-born babies in the womb
  1. Don’t let a born baby die because you decided you don’t want her
  1. Don’t pay people more to stay home and do nothing than they would earn while working
  1. Don’t “welcome” lawbreakers or border crashers
  1. Don’t disparage our Founders
  1. Don’t condemn people for the acts of their ancestors
  1. Don’t judge previous generations by today’s standards
  1. Don’t remove God from political and societal considerations
  1. Don’t brainwash government-schooled children to embrace ungodly principles regarding gender identity and human sexuality
  1. Don’t redefine language
  1. Don’t eradicate culture and art because you feel uncomfortable
  1. Don’t force people to bake cakes or arrange flowers against their will
  1. Don’t violate oaths you’ve sworn to (elected officials)
  1. Don’t abridge God-given 2nd Amendment rights
  1. Don’t use electricity or anything else that contributes to “climate change”
  1. Don’t lie about COVID statistics
  1. Don’t prevent me from taking Hydroxychloroquine
  1. Don’t impede Christian worship
  1. Don’t snitch
  1. Don’t freeload
  1. Don’t hate America
  1. Don’t vote for people who hate America
  1. Don’t remain in a country you hate
  1. Don’t embrace or support Marxists or their front groups
  1. Don’t saddle others with your hysteria
  1. Don’t force others to go against their own beliefs and understanding of science, just so you can feel better
  1. Don’t pretend you’re loving me while violating any or all of the above, just because you’re wearing a mask

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