Enraged over the evisceration of local history by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors—and the Supervisors’ false claim of overwhelming public support for their cowardly actions—a lone citizen stands guard before the Albemarle County Court House, at the former site of “At Ready.”

At Ready, a monument to citizen resistance to government tyranny, ironically was itself removed by tyrants, who presently rule over Albemarle County.

This modern day “Johnny Reb” has a message for the Board (which acted unilaterally): return the monument to its rightful location and hold a local referendum on a proposed removal—if you dare.

And finally, to those who conducted a pagan “purification” ceremony on the site, the Sentry says he has re-reclaimed the ground, in the name of God, Country, and those who fought.


  1. Let them go. They are democrat statues, whether Confederate, kkk, or jim crow. Read the cornerstone speech of the Confederacy to understand the Confederacy was to be a slave gulag regime. Almost all confed statues were placed by united daughters of the Confederacy as product placement for their censored textbooks. They even wrote a Children’s Catechism of the Confederacy, for you to understand that indoctrination *was their intent* .

    By the same token, tell your democrat friends,
    If you hate Confederate statues, get rid of the democrat party!

  2. If you hate Confederate statues, get rid of the democrat party!

    Huh? Today’s Democrats are responsible for what Democrats in the early 20th century (but today’s Republicans are not responsible for and have no intellectual links to segregationists)?

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