The Charlottesville Daily Progress frequently refuses to print valid rebuttals to published items. The Schilling Show will make space available for such refutations and factual corrections of error, whenever possible:

Unpublished rebuttal letter, submitted to the Daily Progress by Gregory Lynne on October 2, 2020:

Katherine Knott’s article (10/02/20) on the NewState religion being forcibly-taught as ‘educational dogma’ is both unConstitutional and an egregious violation of many Christians’ Bill of Rights!

Where is the ‘opt-out’ for Christian parents/their children?

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are not controversial anymore and they’re not sexual,” she (Board Chair­woman, McKeever) said.

The “lived experiences” of children, adults, and animals are varied. “No”: As Christians we don’t need to validate each/every choice that is made against God’s laws and teachings.

The proponents of this debauchery have the nerve/unmitigated gall to appeal to: “…We must also acknowledge how systems of oppression and power affect all portions of ourselves and our community” while they (simultaneously-with-unabashed-self-approbation) oppress, bludgeon and force their perversions upon young, innocent minds and souls!

In a regimented, liberal mentality: “We want to create bases that are welcoming, affirming and supporting of our students…” (Yet) They are not the least bit concerned with controverting/countermanding parentally-taught, Christian teachings regarding family, sexuality, and respect for Divine authority!

“Equity”—according to the proponents’ NewState (Orwellian doublespeak) definitions—is of a higher-social-order than (any) Divinely-revealed Godspeak. The ‘unity’ among followers of Christ Jesus’ Gospel is neglected, negated, disregarded, degraded, and hereby deplatformed.

Let that sink in loud-and-clear.

(Adults who have not ‘joined the crowd’ are next-addressed.)

Knott writes “Some community members…[have the audacity to suggest]…that the division offer training sessions for parents about how to talk about gender identity and sexual orientation with their children…!” So, now: Public schools will ‘educate’ not only our children but also ‘we-the-taxpaying-parents’ too!

Insecure in their revolutionary and landmark changes, ‘officials’ fall-back upon State legislators to ‘approve’ their revolutionary actions to give them the (safe) coerced mark of “officialdom” legalese:

A new state law will give school divisions more guidance about how to support transgender and non-binary students, Cheuk said…the Virginia Department of Education will issue that guidance by the end of the year.

Yes: Indeed Virginia! The (new) Dogma lives loudly within thy reins of power!

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