Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) Superintendent, Dr. Matt Haas, stepped out on a limb when he urged the School Board to partially reopen the schools, beginning November 9.

Haas’ suggested the step forward despite a majority of ACPS teachers having expressed fear over returning to the physical classroom presently.

In contradiction to the teacher survey, roughly 65% of parents indicated support for the schools’ reopening—leaving Haas in the lurch.

Despite intense lobbying from their Superintendent, the seven-member School Board gave Haas scant cover with a 4-3 vote in favor of his proposal.

Now, the local teachers’ union, the Albemarle Education Association (AEA), is pushing back. The group has planned an “Only When It’s Safe” rally for Friday afternoon, and has instructed (most fittingly) teachers and supporters to “PLEASE WEAR RED!”.

Perhaps the group senses weakness in Dr. Haas, who has capitulated numerous times to activist pressure on a variety of issues. But this march is more than a protest. The sounds of mutiny are in the air and Dr. Haas best batten down the hatches—or prepare to be keelhauled.

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  1. Teachers have returned to Greene County Schools, no apparent hot spot outbreak. So Greene County has better strategies and sanitation policies, perhaps a field trip to learn how to apply in the ACPS.

    Open the schools, those teachers refusing to return-termiate. This strategy worked well fior Reagan and the air traffic controllers strike. History proven solution. Utilize it.

    Waiting for 100% safety is illogical and unattainable. Lets not allow The Chinese Communist Party Virus provide perpetual excuse to collect unearned income.

    I’m willing to bet that many young healthy recent teaching graduates with looming student loans can be easily recruited.

    Neutralize the teachers union and its stranglehold over children.

    Find induviduals with the testicular fortitude to enforce the abovementioned recommendations.

    Problem solved.

  2. Not rocket science here…The AFT and NEA HQ give marching orders to state heads; states send the orders downward to county hacks (essentially, that is what county union reps are). Now the mystery of how children are stripped of their individuality and critical thinking in public schools is solved: the majority of people teaching them have no individual and critical thinking skills.

  3. If employees are worried about their safety, just terminate them? I can see why you guys didn’t like George “Compassionate Conservatism” W. Bush.

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