Disturbing photos and compelled student discussion as presented online to Albemarle County middle school students post January 6, 2021, by largely left-biased “virtual” classroom teachers.

Images provided to the schools by the “Mivka Challenge” a “social justice” entity founded by Abner Mivka, an Obama advisor and  a political mentee of Saul Alinksy.



  1. Mikva was a product of the cesspool that is Chicago Democratic politics, arguably the most corrupt political machine in the US. ANYTHING or ANYONE originating from that system should be disregarded. Sadly, a president was elected who was bred, nurtured, formed and mentored in that den of sleaze but, for some (not so) inexplicable reason, he was deemed to be the only politician to emerge from Chicago who was clean as a whistle. Go figure! Anyway, to imagine the schools pushing something Ab and Zoe Mikva created tells you all you need to know about: a) the politics of indoctrination in our government schools, and b) the laziness of teachers not to craft their own lessons in current events.

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