Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) reckless headlong rush into a wide-ranging transgender policy implementation is fraught with unintended (and potentially devastating) consequences.

To wit, the proposed revised Dress Code reads as follows:

The ACPS dress code may not be applied or enforced in a manner that would stereotype or require students to wear different articles of clothing based on gender, gender expression, or gender identity (for example, requiring girls to wear skirts). Students shall have the right to dress in a manner consistent with their gender identity or gender expression. Requirements for attire for school-related programs, activities, and events shall be gender-neutral.

When asked if biological females would be allowed to remove their shirts, as males often do on school grounds, the school spokesman disingenuously claimed he’d “never seen” such a practice among males at ACPS.

Pressed further, the spokesman clarified that “students are not permitted to go shirtless anywhere on school property,” but that no written policy presently exists specifically prohibiting such. He also stated that “coaches” would be the primary enforcers of the new “shirts at all times” policy.

Gender insanity in the ACPS—fueled by Administration and School Board zealots—will be ending the longstanding allowance for shirtless males on ACPS athletic fields and school grounds. But this change, certainly, is merely a harbinger of the coming chaos in government schools. Gender-free bathrooms and showers in Albemarle County Schools are right around the corner…


  1. If everyone keeps getting awarded bathrooms by the Judges across the USA, can I have a Male at Birth bathroom? Just wondering…

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