“Expert” advice from University of Virginia “expert,” Dr. Costi Sifri.

As published in the September 3 edition of the Daily Progress.

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  1. Sifri, truth be told, is an opinionist, not a scientist, and continually makes statements, unchallenged, to the media, WINA included, taken as gospel. He has yet to provide a single shred of evidence for many of his “expert” opinions, and he’s not alone under UVA’s Health System umbrella. Personally, I weighed the risks/rewards of vaccines – fully aware that they are NOT fully known (and may not be for years) – TRUTH (which eludes ideologically impaired quasi-scientists and media pundits alike) – and got my shots (no thanks to UVA or the BRHD which hoarded the supply in those early days to inoculate healthy 20-40 somethings and deny supply to at-risk and front-line workers… TG for CVS in Harrisonburg!!!) – but my point is this: we do NOT know their efficacy, their side effects, and to PRETEND otherwise is irresponsible, and IMHO, malpractice. At least my FP is honest; Sifri, decidedly, is NOT. Ditto the mask issue. And therapeutics. There is NO distortion of FACT beyond Sifri. And when the government lies, when the medical and public health community lies, by commission or omission, TRUST evaporates. Telling that these people rely on bullying and violating civil liberties to “protect” us. What horse manure!!!

    An inconvenient truth is that COVID-19 is endemic and will be with us for decades, and we darn well better learn how to live with it. These people are seriously “whack” if they think that we can live in a bubble, masked, boostered and seriously unhappy indefinitely.

    I’ll be there Saturday, unmasked, fully vaccinated, and newly tested. I’ll wash my hands. Not touch my face. Just like the flu…

    Go Hoos! Beat the Illini!

  2. we do NOT know their efficacy

    Anyone who doesn’t know by now that the vast majority of people catching the virus, the vast majority getting hospitalized for the virus, and the vast majority dying of the virus are unvaccinated simply doesn’t want to know.

    Choose sanity.

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